Granny's Kitchen!

You still ate it though didn’t you

OK, let’s tie this up. The three youngest are… The three marmites!

Marmite 1 hasn’t even been opened, presumably more valuable as a collector’s piece.


is in a tin… basically lasts for all eternity

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Then it’s… The jelly!

If you haven’t found the need to have orange jelly in ten years, you probably don’t need to keep ten year old orange jelly.


Shit, I missed on, it’s the cocoa, narrowly sneaking in after the marmites.

Warming, comforting, dusty.

she wasn’t ready for that jelly


That’s a proper coupon buster there.

Next up it’s the breadcrumbs, notoriously hard to reproduce if a recipe demands them. Back to 2006 now.

We head back to 2000 now for the fond de sauce. A vintage year for whatever the fuck that is.


The sharp eyed among you spotted that the yeast had a clue in the picture, it’s the 20th anniversary of when you needn’t have expected your dough to rise much.


none of these things go out of date quickly either, so I’m guessing they were bought -5 years before their expiry?

And finally, the cinammon actually predates best before dates. It’s in a row of similar jars of spices that are never ever used, and would basically just be pouring dust into your dish if you did use them. I reckon @anon76851889’s estimate upthread isn’t far off the mark.

Thanks for playing everyone, if you could pass your sheet to the left and mark each other’s work, that would be much appreaciated. Join @laelfy for the next episode of Granny’s Kitchen!


Nice thread idea :+1:


Massively doing this when I next visit relatives.

Actually can you confirm you’ve thrown this stuff in the bin or has it gone back in the cupboard?

Interesting to think about which ones would actually be useable still. Obviously the yeast would do nothing, but does marmite go off? Or jelly?

Back in the cupboard, obviously

I would actually get in trouble if I threw them out.


I’d be confident in baking using that cocoa.

Those breadcrumbs are just cardboard to begin with so they’re fine, maybe a bit soft.

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£20 if you down the cinnamon in one go.