Do you like it?

I’m all over that shit.

Just had a massive bowl of it for lunch.


Yeah I’m into the ol’ granola.

Apparently a friend of a friend knows a couple who called their kid Granola.

  • Lovely name
  • Mum, Dad, why must you always embarrass us?

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used to have granola with yoghurt in the mornings thinking it was relatively low calorie but boy was i fuckin wrong

enjoy it though


I think it’ll be nice when Granola’s children have their own children

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Often enjoy as part of a hotel breakfast buffet but never have at home for some reason.

Ohhh yes. Every other day I have granola with soy + coconut yoghurt and a drizzle of maple or agave syrup.

Other days I have Morrisons bran flakes and almond milk to balance out calories and expensiveness.

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Breakfast popcorn for wankers innit.

(It’s me, I’m wankers)


Certified granola fiend here. Recently been pounding the Pret stuff they now have in supermarkets.

One of those classic things that you think you’re enjoying a healthy option and then you realise that any of the nice versions are the equivalent of eating three bowls of Coco Pops and then having a bag of Haribo or whatever


No thank you.

Have it every morning for breakfast on top of Special K. Bizarre really and sugary as all hell but I love it.

Granola is basically kids breakfast that’s made to look all mature so that adults don’t get embarrassed when all they want to do is eat frosties


and I love it

granola, not so much - hurts my rubbish teeth.

do like the tropical fruit one Saino’s do, mind.

muesli, yes, but one with loads of fruit in.

really irked Morrisons discontinued their 50% fruit muesli, that was great. Tesco are the only cheap one left; v. good, but I don’t normally shop there.

Asda used to have a nice selection of ‘best’-sort of brand muesli, but it’s gone as far as I can tell? which, ffs.

Raisins don’t belong in either, for the record.

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Sainos tropical granola is delightful until you get 2/3 of the way through the bag and its now just oats and coconut flakes.

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Aldi nut one is good

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this is real and it’s upsetting :tired_face:

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muesli is one of the rare contexts that I like raisins/ sultanas/ currants in

dates are the money fruit, tho