Grapes are easily the best snacking fruit


You’re right (dried fruits are also good). tasty, bite size, no mess, grape bunch o’ lads

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You’re thinking of apples, man. Especially if you’ve got one of those fun slicers.

No time-wasters, please.

Have fun with your hospital food in Cambridge

Raisins are better

just old grapes, mate

No they’re not, but thank you for your contribution.

probably, yep

still not as good as crisps though, eh

I might shock you here: I’m not really into crisps.

olives for me

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older and wiser and tastier

@crisps I wouldn’t stand for this, mate

I think I might have overdone it with the olives

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Classic contrarian eric.

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but enough about your mother!!!

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Serious replies only, thanks.


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Well I warned you.