Grass Is For Cows. It's The Wimbledon/Grass Season Tennis Thread. Moo!

First day of Queens’ yesterday. Andrew Castle still lazy and annoying. John Lloyd still moaning. Peter Fleming looking a bit past his sell by date. BBC needs a proper clean out of their tennis coverage, but we are where we are.

Sir Andrew Barron Murray OBE is slated to take the court today against Benoit Paire, so that’ll be the story of the day. Here’s hoping he doesn’t crock himself and put himself out of Wimbledon.

Speaking of which, “The Championships” will begin on 28th June. No queueing, 50% ground capacity with full attendances on the final weekend. Ticketing supposedly online at an unspecified date soon. Presumably expect carnage and disappointment in the race for tickets.

So who’s going to win? I dunno, Djokovic probably don’t you think? And as for the women’s draw you might as well pull a crystal ball out or throw a dart at the draw.

Still, grassy tennis again after two years.



Paging @shrewbie for a potentially slightly more informed take on the prospects in the Ladies’ Singles draw than I bothered to put in there.

think with the exception of Isner, I would like anyone but Djokovic to win. so he’s got it in the bag.

might see if I can get any tickets but will wait and see what the arrangements are - I got tickets in the ballot for 2020, which got deferred to 2021 and now again to 2022 so already have that in the bag, anything this year would be a bonus

From my understanding they intend to give you the chance to buy the same tickets this year if you want to.

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also Zverev.


Norrie is dull isn’t he. Well done for his good run though.

tbf don’t really need to hope he won’t win, he’ll take care of that himself. but him and any other tossers can do one too. nice winner pls.

Shocked by Sinner’s exit yesterday too - I know it’s a tough transition to grass but losing to 300odd ranked Brit!

I should probably look into that! although I can’t even remember what tickets I got :smiley: think it was something like the first Thursday or Friday on Centre Court?

feel like Djokovic will either clean up the rest of the year including the Olympics or have another big dip like he did after his first Roland Garros

Agree that the women’s is v difficult to even identify a favourite for this year. just hope that Barty, Halep and Osaka are fit to play and we see some fun grass courters going deep a la Strycova in 2019

could really go a tennis tournament at the moment. gutted Den Bosch got cancelled again, had gone 3 years in a row before Covid

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Just had a realisation re this afternoon’s match. They’re just going to keep asking Murray about the football aren’t they? I do hope he’s got some zingers prepared.

Peter Fleming refusing to answer the question “what would your nickname be if you had one”.

The answer is Peter Sidekick Fleming, Peter.

Right here we go. This is going to be a nervous couple of hours for a lot of us.

'mon the Muzza!

Hah. Just noted that the last player Evans beat at Queens’ was Melzer!

Well that was fun. And Inverdale being a twat for good measure…

Yay Andy

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Really pleased for Murray and obviously meant a lot to him. Would love to see him have a good (last?) run at Wimbledon.

Tomorrow’s match will be interesting. There was definitely plenty of quality in his performance yesterday, and his physical movement was encouraging.


With his medical history and his age, the physical questions are asked when he then has to play another match, and indeed has to do so on consecutive days. That’s showing to be an issue if not a problem even for his less crocked peers (the big three). So it will be very reassuring if he’s still got the same mobility tomorrow.

And also Paire didn’t apply a lot of pressure and gave plenty of freebies. I’d expect that not to be such a big issue for Andy mind: the level of his play will return to his usual standards with some more matchplay and more pressure. But it’s likely that he’ll crash out of tournaments pretty early in the meantime. At Wimbledon he’ll be due to meet a seed in the third round at the latest, and Sod’s Law dictates he’ll actually get drawn against Djokovic in round one.

Realistically he just needs to bed in on the tour for a few months without physical issues, then maybe he will find his new level. I think even he would admit that’s still a bit of a gamble. If it pays off though he could still be in the top 50 and playing slams through next year.

I don’t know how far he’ll keep pushing himself. He said yesterday he just enjoyed playing again so much so maybe that will be enough for him, but he also has four kids now and if further injuries and surgeries are going to start affecting his mobility long term you have to wonder how long he’ll stick at it. I’d love him to carry on personally, he’s one of my favourite sports people!