Grass Is For Cows. It's The Wimbledon/Grass Season Tennis Thread. Moo!

Pretty much all the talk lately, including from him, has been to keep going as long as possible. I would imagine if he ended up needing any further surgery that would just be the end of it though, although that’s quite unlikely with his hip.

He’s said in the past that he wouldn’t enter a slam if he didn’t think he could win it, but that was when that was a realistic goal.

He’s several years older than that now, and his comments after the match yesterday implied that enjoying tennis in front of a crowd might be enough, and that the goal of winning the tournament wasn’t necessary for him to enjoy playing in tournaments, and the work that is required to do that.

If his body holds up, I can see him being satisfied with cutting down the number of tournaments and travel, maybe even dropping a grand slam or two from his itinerary, and picking a few favourite tour events to enter each year.

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Agree with all of this except for the bit about him maybe not wanting the hassle of the work. Pretty sure he lives for it and always has. I think the main thing guiding the limit of his ambitions is the realisation that it’s unlikely he can win back to back matches over three days against really high-ranked players, without some physical difficulties. And of course that’s what’s required to win any tournament, so he’s working out how to cut his cloth, as well as discovering on the fly what he’s now capable of.

Perhaps my post wasn’t that clear: I meant that maybe he’s reached a point where the opportunity to win tournaments isn’t critical to him entering them, and that entering them isn’t just a case of filling out a form. The older he gets, the smarter and better he will have to work in order to maintain the set-up that allows him to enter tournaments.

He’s never shied away from that side of it, but there’s a different motivation or goal behind it now.

Oh I think I see. I think I’d argue that whether or not he can win tournaments now probably isn’t a matter of putting any particular work in, and is pretty much down to whether he can get lucky with some easy matches and kind scheduling at the business end of any particular one.

really wish the grass court season was a few weeks longer and with a masters / 1000 event squeezed in.
big fan of there now being a WTA tournament in Berlin again though :raised_hands:

Might be a bit touch and go at Queen’s today. Weather’s a bit iffy.

Woah Nadal out of Wimbledon and the Olympics!

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Everything’s coming up Djokovic.

I took a punt and tried getting Wimbledon tickets but there are currently 58000 people ahead of me in the queue for the second Wednesday! Don’t think I’m going to get one…

Ah missed all that. Never mind, I’d never have done it anyway.

This is all looking pretty encouraging from Murray. Some of the stuff in the second game was vintage and he looks fine.

Hmm, rusty rusty.

Yeah, can’t seem him getting even close to what he was before. If he’s happy just playing and doesn’t care what people think then good for him, but I’d be tempted to call it a day for real this time.

No no no!

His base level is fine, he’s just short of matches.

It’d be nice if he could put up a fight in this game and bring some drama.

Sounds like you’re in denial a little bit? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nah I do hope he can reach a decent level again but it’s definitely tough to watch. He obviously knows best so fingers crossed we see him competing well again

Absolutely not. What do you think is wrong with his play that’s to do with his physical condition? The problems today are unforced errors, and that’s just down to lack of match hardness.

At a pinch I could be convinced that occasionally he’s shown some signs of not being able to get low on a shot, but then again the ball’s been bouncing erratically low a bit today as well.

He will never lose his technique and even at his base level will be good but mentally, I think this is very hard to overcome and mixed in with the physicality of the youth coming in I just can’t see him competing again at a top level.

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