We are having our back garden redesigned. We have a real grass lawn at the front. I hate cutting the grass. Genuinely looking for opinion here. The back garden will be a mixture of patio and lawn but we don’t know whether to have real grass or fake grass.
What’s the consensus. Anyone have experience here?

  • Real grass
  • Fake grass

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Before anyone mentions it. I’m not talking grass as in Weed, skunk etc

are robot lawnmowers a thing yet?

Fake graaaaaasstic please

It doesn’t wear out. It doesn’t wear out.


am no a


Fake grass always seems like a good idea but our neighbour think’s theirs is more trouble than it was worth.

We have a lawn front and back it is fine apart from near the garage.

My mum put decking on the whole of the back garden :(((((((((((((((


Thought about getting one to keep Sir Sweepington company but they’re mega expensive

Some people near me have fake grass. It looks bad and weeds still grow on it (from seeds in bird shit I guess). I would guess it’s also bad for the environment.

Real grass for me. But then I like mowing.

Fake is shite but you could get a lavender lawn or something instead maybe

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This actually looks bangin’. Will file it away under future ideas for our future garden because I could not be fucked cutting grass myself.

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Mow it less often and have a wildflower meadow


Same here, there’s two houses next door to each other near me that both have weed ravaged fake grass front gardens - worst of all worlds…

artificial grass instead of carpets in your house

  • good idea
  • bad idea

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My mum has fake grass and has no issues with it BUT what about all the wildlife? Have a shite lawn like me instead, that the badgers come in and destroy.


Fake lawns are bad for the environment and expensive, but if you have kids or dogs then they are hard wearing and never muddy.

How big is the lawn?

I hate cutting the grass, I refuse to do it

Next door have just got fake grass put in and it looks a bit naff though

The garden is bigger but like I say most of it will be patio. The lawn area itself will be 3 metres by 4 metres

how muddy do they get if you don’t have kids or dogs?

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