Grassing up, snitching, reporting matters to the police etc

Prompted by this…

A cyclist with a camera ‘catching’ drivers on mobiles and reporting them to the police…

How do we all feel about such acts?
Is there a scale of… letting people get away with illegal things… at what point do you shop someone to the feds?

bad drivers kill people

this is fine


I’m fine with this.

yeah, almost certainly. people drive with reckless abandon and kill people every day.


If someone isn’t endangering other folk, get on with it. If they are then fair to grass


Phoned the police this weekend when we saw a kid chasing another kid across a busy main road with a metal pole

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Fuck anyone who does anything that harms others. Snitch away.


not got an issue with people looking at their phone in stationary traffic, or at a red light. Completely different to driving down the motorway on the blower tbh

Just discovered that I am a “Utility cyclist”. Ace.

Bunch of proper grasses in here. ACAB.

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Fuck the police



snitching in general can fuck off though

I gave a statement to the po-po when the couple next door started trashing their flat and threatening to kill each other.

That was mainly because I wanted some peace and quiet though.


driving home last night the lady in the car behind me was on her phone taking calls and texting for a good 5 minutes or so. At one point on a two lane road she over took and was about to badly cut me up when pulling back in without signalling. Up until that point I’d just tutted to myself but when I nearly backended her I slammed the horn and mouthed PUT THE PHONE DOWN. Don’t think she saw me. Really really grinds my gears that people still use their phones whilst driving. Completely unnecessary…


this has nothing to do with grassing up I know. But it pissed me off. If I’d had a hands free kit I would have phoned the 5-0 !

^not this.

When you’re behind the wheel you have to pay attention. Your phone can wait.


Had this idea a month or so ago where the government could pay drivers to install speedometers / cameras on their car so you just have a basically unlimited network of surveillance.

Please don’t do this, government

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I’m singing the thread title to the Fresh Prince theme tune.