Grassing up, snitching, reporting matters to the police etc


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This is the way it’s going, though. Think a number of insurance companies offer discounts if the driver agrees to have a dash cam, etc.

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That’s not to catch others, but to encourage better driving by the insuree and to provide evidence in the event of an accident.

Same with the GPS devices that insurers offer to young drivers.

True, but the footage could be used for other reasons, as well.

Called the police a few times when neighbours have been making unreasonable amounts of noise late at night.

Last time it was at like 3:30am on a weeknight, and (I think) some students who’d come home from a graduation party, opened all their windows and were playing music really loudly.

Police turned up, got into the flat, clearly… something happened (I would presume the occupants had something in the flat they didn’t want the po po to see), and suddenly loads of other officers turned up along with some vans, two men were brought out in handcuffs and put into the back of the vans, all while shouting their heads off, a bunch of other people followed, also shouting their heads off. This went on for maybe an hour? The guys were eventually released when they’d calmed down. It really escalated in a way I had not expected (and did not help me get back to sleep)…


There is no excuse for using a phone whilst driving, or even in stationary traffic. So grass away.


Wouldn’t bother filming and reporting it myself, but anyone who uses their phone at the wheel is a fucking lowlife and deserves whatever they get if they’re caught.


Nah. What if a kid sees that the traffic isn’t moving and decides to cross? And some bellend WhatsApping his mates decides he can edge forward. Just no need for it.


Dangerous driving is totes fine but in other cases we should remember that the police absolutely fuck up the lives of working class people for minor offences, especially if they’re minorities and especially especially if they’re immigrants. Some things aren’t worth getting somebody deported to a third world country which isn’t usual but is absolutely possible with the current state of our Home Office.


People endangering the lives of others or praying on the vulnerable are absolute fair game

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Driving is an ideological choice

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no it isn’t it’s how I get to work.

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driving is pretty cool, you’re right

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In many cases yes, but it’s also in many cases a necessity to participate in society as it’s been built.

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Depends really, a lot of people could work a less appealing job in or around the area they live in. Careers are ideological and so are cars. Down with both

Yes, that’s true. My stepmum’s nephew was actually sent back to Peru for being caught driving whilst over the limit and he was here on a student visa that had expired several years. He was a complete bell end though.

edit nvm my youtube link isnt working

what careers are ideological

Just thinking of the idea of progressing up the ladder, five year plan etc

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even if they are ideological that doesn’t mean they are per se bad tho

many people have careers that benefit humanity and the world etc