Grassing up, snitching, reporting matters to the police etc

Seems like a small percentage though, also no reason society can’t be structured in a way that people don’t need to commute to their jobs with internet and all, do execs ceos and the management class really need to meet face to face?

It’s a deep thing man, plenty to discuss around it but I think folks will get bored as it’s not strictly on topic

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I love that Bamnan is in here doing the lords work, diverting from grassing vs not grassing.

Btw, by all means tell a driver off/give them a piece of your mind - but don’t be a dirty fucking bootlicker ffs

speaking specifically about dangerous driving here: why not??


Regularly see the police talking on or looking at/typing on their phones whilst driving.

i don’t think either of us would put someone’s pot on for anything except if they were gonna harm an innocent person so it’s fine really

I think bad driving is one of the few things I’ve become less tolerant of in the last few years. Not that I didn’t mind it before, it just riles me more than previously.

Problem with this is that people often react with anger to being confronted. So even if they don’t attack you it means they are then driving in an angry manner.
Had a work colleague who constantly talked on the phone whilst driving, she stopped as soon as she got a €300 fine.

Sorry I don’t know what that phrase means

being a stool pigeon

Would people snitch for pine nuts or just get wound up about it?

Sometimes it just has to be done. What if your house gets robbed?

Again…I’m going to guess it’s just grassing

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from Tesco: fine

from sick Granny’s failing but beloved pine nut emporium: call the feds


would probably call the law if a body was tea leafing from my local shop (tescos)

Sick Granny pays poverty wages and reports on suspected illegal immigrants


Nope. You’re thinking of Ill Nan



Two guys broke into my neighbour’s dad’s house and he called the police. When they finally turned up, they clocked an old gun mounted on his wall. The police held him and his wife at home for three hours, not letting them have any food or water and threatening to handcuff him, even though he told them they could take all the weapons as he didn’t want them, they were out of license ones and he didn’t realise it would get him in trouble.

I don’t get the keeping of old guns/swords or whatever but he is in his 90s and has Parkinson’s, and his wife has terminal cancer.

The robbers didn’t get looked for.



That would have been illegal and dangerous. Tut tut