Grassing up, snitching, reporting matters to the police etc

No it wouldn’t. Don’t be silly.

Had a tough call last summer - was not far from my flat in south London, waiting for a bus with my daughter in a pram. A middle-aged guy, who was acting very erratically (maybe drunk, maybe something else), was sat at a nearby bench and alternating between mumbling to himself and shouting racist abuse at passersby, occasionally getting up as if to square off against someone, then sitting down again. Happened for a few minutes before he walked off round the corner. A second later a police car pulled up, and I could hear from their radio (giving a description of the guy / location) that they were looking for him, and they asked me if I’d seen him and where he’d gone. Didn’t know what was better, getting some guy who is no doubt unwell into the justice system which doubtless won’t help him in any way… on the other hand, fuck him he’s a racist… Anyway I pointed down the road he went down and caught my bus feeling a bit guilty.

  • He went thataway!
  • Didn’t see nuthin’ guv

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racist abuse… nah, fuck him.

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“I’m not sure officer, I get forgetful see, fifty pounds might refresh my memory…”


no no no no no


but why can’t it wait ? what is so important that you can’t pull over and ring someone back or reply to a message then ? the answer is nothing.


Soz this was meant to be a general reply. Just wanted to talk about the police being shithouses even when you do call them about an emergency :roll_eyes:

If I think someone is in imminent danger then I’d have to call the police. And in my work we have to notify the police if we see a child or vulnerable adult is being harmed by a guardian

I saw a guy driving while watching a tablet playing a telly show in between where the gearstick and the like… bits where the cigarette lighter or whatever would be. Literally couldn’t believe it.


Someone showing erratic behaviour in public could lead to harm to others. Both physically and/or emotionally. I’d let em know BUT I wouldnt feel great about it.


Yeah, I think with that particular scenario I’d never have forgiven myself if I said nothing and then found out later they’d assaulted someone, for example.

I was so shocked! Makes me want to commute with a camera but if I did I think I’d spend most of my free time reporting dangerous driving.

driving home from work a few years ago I was in heavy traffic behind a guy watching hard core porn on his mobile which was mounted on his dashboard. When one clip finished he would start up another one. Never seen anything like it before or since.

If you think someone is an imminent risk of causing harm to themselves or another you have a moral obligation to do something about it. Banging on about being snitches and grasses is extremely counter productive.


Going to assume you’re talking about the onscreen action here


Times I have called the police (spoliers not working sorry)

Guy getting beaten to death behind my house. Police took forever to come, didn’t take my statement for 3 days.

Saw a guy who I think was wanted for rape, told them what bus he was getting on, its route and times etc. Never heard back from them.

When a guy followed me around when I was 8 months pregnant with a brick behind his back and shouting at me. He’d run off by the time they came.

When I was mugged. They were alright but I felt like I shouldn’t have been wasting their time.

To report a neighbour about wanting to seriously harm her kids. They came 24 hours later. Thankfully not too late but easily could have been.

hahaha !

A new meaning to “drive time”

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Just to qualify my no…

i misread that as the guy being homeless/in a state in which case i said no,

but you’ve just said he was middle-aged a pissed so yeah, fuck him

Just had bad experiences reporting stuff to police before so generally think fuck 'em.