Gratitude 🙏 #ssp

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that despite me thinking otherwise, I’m an ungrateful bitch in many ways and wallow in what isn’t rather than revel in what is great about my life. Apparently it takes 8 weeks of thinking daily about what you should be grateful for to stop being a filthy ingrate. How grateful are you? What are you grateful for right now? Doesn’t have to be serious but doesn’t have to be lighthearted either. Used to sneer at gratitude journals but guess what I’m about to google

ANYWAY I’m grateful for my physical health despite how little self care i give myself, grateful that i get to see bts this weekend with such a good ticket :sob: grateful that i have some good chances to fix some stuff this summer in my life that’s been bothering me :yum:


I’m much better at this than I used to be. Used to be a real doom and gloom merchant. That’s probably still my default position on most things, but I’m trying so hard to focus on the positives and be thankful for what I’ve got.

I’m incredibly grateful that most of my friends and family are healthy and happy. I’m grateful that I’ve got a lot of people that love me. I’m grateful that I’m healthy. I’ve got a roof over my head and whilst I’m always struggling with money, this is largely because I spend the ‘disposable’ income I have on doing fun things. But generally I don’t want for anything. Must be in the top 0.1% of lucky bastards in the world really, and it’s good to take stock of that. And I’m grateful for this place, and the fantastic relationships I’ve formed through it. I’m grateful that Danny Wallace hasn’t stolen any of my girlfriends.


My mum gives me smelly sprays and I never run out.


Think life in this day and age makes it really easy to see what you don’t have, rather than what you do. This is hardly a hot take, but social media and all that jazz isn’t healthy and makes all of us feel like we don’t have enough. That doesn’t make you ungrateful or anything like that lovely, it just makes you a normal human being reacting to this weird, tech heavy, fast paced life.
I never used to be grateful, think I had a real chip on my shoulder. But the last few years, getting older and witnessing people I love be so poorly and whathaveyou, mean that actually yeah- the one quality that I’ve gained that I’m very proud about is that I’m a very grateful person. Even when I get rained on and don’t have a coat, I try to think “oh amazing, I’m alive and well enough to be outside and be blessed to feel the rain on my skin.”
I make an effort every day to appreciate and be grateful for the tiny things, even just feeling the fuzzy bath mat under my feet when I brush my teeth in the morning. Obviously this is really simplistic, and neither me or anyone else can think like that all the time cause we’re normal people who feel grumpy and annoyed sometimes, but yeah. I try to make a conscious effort to be grateful for little things every day, and I’m much happier for it


Don’t want that to sound holier than thou btw, should add that of COURSE I have days when I’m like “oh fuck x person, why don’t I have y thing” and feel angry and hard done by, etc
But I’ve tried really hard to change my thought process (it doesn’t come naturally, it’s a LOT of work)



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You’re the best egg JB, and not ungrateful in the slightest x


In the grand scheme of things, I have things really, really good. But does that really make things easier? Is it all relative? I’ve often wondered that.

I am fairly grateful though, but on occasions, like just now I can be a totally ungrateful cow.


I don’t think it does make it easier, really.
It’s pretty damn impossible not to feel jealous of people who seem to have it all, or have it easy, or have had everything handed to them.
Relative thinking is all well and good, but that sort of makes it a competition doesn’t it?
I used to be a big believer in “well, there’s someone worse off than me so I should shut up”, but that belittles when you feel bad or whatever. We’re all allowed to feel sorry for ourselves every now and then, and comparing can be quite unhealthy. I don’t know though, I’m no genius philosopher unfortunately!


Whenever I feel myself getting ungrateful and spolit feeling I try to recognise and challenge as to why.

I try to recognise every day things I am thankful for, I find it helps that I am a natural optimist but knowing I have friends, family, excellent children, a job I like, a house etc helps me to accept the things I need to work at / am lacking more readily.


I am grateful for my family most of all. Mainly to my grandparents who are still alive at 89 years old each and celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary tomorrow! Also, for my wonderful nephew who had a couple major surgeries at a young age and is doing great and loving life.

I am also grateful for this wonderful group of people on DiS welcoming a music loving American into their community!


8 weeks? That’s not bad! Thought it would be longer! Maybe I could be a positive and happy person too!


you’ve got to be one of the coolest and nicest people ever kermit! Don’t know how you do it


really like threads like this, it’s nice to have an excuse to think about the good things for a change and to be pleased for other people


I’m not sure

I definitely moan a lot

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Incredible bass riff. I default to playing it whenever I’ve got the Muff out. Grateful for that.

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I’m grateful for my wonderful girlfriend chorus. I’m grateful for my amazing mum and dad.

I’m grateful I get to live in my own house, and come home and make whatever I want for dinner.

I’m grateful for my new bike through the cycle to work scheme - I could have never afforded it outright and it’s already having positive effects.

Grateful for the community on here, and the new friendships I’m making. Grateful that I was welcomed in such a lovely way.

Generally grateful tbh.


I am grateful for:

. My mum’s blood test coming back fine after showing high potassium which worried me

. Having a really great best friend who is super chilled and has never gt mad at me in the 15 years we have been friends.

. being able to play an instrument and do creative things, I know some folks are jealous of this kind of thing and it’s great that I can do something just a little bit different from just going to work and buying a big TV etc

. Having plenty of hair and no receding hairline

. The park 10 minutes walk away which I walk around and sit down in for a while every day. Brings me a sense of calm

. Bathtimes

. The wonderful people on here who have had so much patience with me and lifted me out of myself and given me a reason to carry on :slight_smile: x


Keep reading this. Like one massive euphimism.


Oh it’s massive alright.