Gratitude 🙏 #ssp

You are an incredibly positive person, bam. How much you care about those foxes for example, that’s so positive and lovely. How passionate you are about music and other things, etc
You’re a really important part of this community :blush:


ah so sad about those foxes :frowning: gonna die because of me! Wrong thread I know :zipper_mouth_face:

It’s not because of you, bam x

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Chorus is a lovely name. How long have you been dating?

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I’m grateful for my fantastic wit


a coupla weeks but we’re not exclusive.

I’m currently grateful to sober me who made a curry earlier this afternoon and left it in the slow cooker so it would be ready when I got back from a few early evening pints with some friends. Love that thoughtful bastard.


decided I am completely ok with being ungrateful about my life

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is it ok if I try to be grateful about mine?

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yeah of course

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thanks pal! :slight_smile:

don’t need my permission

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Got some fun stuff coming up


More serious answer: me and Mrs Z realised today that we properly started going out together 14 years ago today.

Not generally one for big public displays of affection, but couldn’t hope for a kinder, more marvellous person to spend my life with. The last year’s been really tough, but she’s been the most amazing support throughout and I’ve never been anything other than grateful to her as well as my mates, family and colleagues who are all lovely people.

…and between us (my wife and I that is, not mates and colleagues) we’ve created two female humans who are both showing signs of being loving, intelligent but fiercely independent people who aren’t going to take any shit from anyone. Hopefully we’re giving them the best start in life and a mixture of grit and warmth to thrive, but really, they enrich our lives massively and I’m grateful for that.


Hazard to arsenal

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I don’t think he’ll be grateful for that

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Fucked it

Weird how I can’t feel positive, like a few years ago I kind of lost my mind for a bit, found myself in a black hole I saw no way out of, now I’m relatively fine, would think I’d be able to look back and feel grateful things got so much better, but I can’t, still feel cursed

One from the last twenty mins or so

Going out for a walk for two hours near the big lake without a thing of water to drink from on a day when it’s way hotter out than I was expecting and then getting home and ABSOLUTELY DOWNING TWO GLASSES OF COLD WATER MAAAATTEE

it was great


made a thread on the music board and i’m already grateful for the nice replies i’m going to get