Gravy Making

How’re we usually doing this then folks

  • Bisto
  • Some other way

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I usually have the veggie bisto made with the water from whatever veggies I’m cooking. Can’t really see anything wrong with that.

Gravy granules users disgust me.

There, I said it.

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I sincerely hope we can all stay civil in this thread, Dave.

Bisto, made so thick the it’s almost gone non-Newtonian, and with a bit of chicken fat from the roasting tray for good measure.


I’m trying Rufffers, I’m really trying.

People who wash out all the good shit from their roasting dish, then knock up a jug of bisto, need to have a really long, hard look at themselves tbh


Prepared to be shocked, my gravy making skills are a bit rubbish.

I’ll be honest, it seems to be the main passion of meat bores
I’m not really bothered about it

Prepared to be shocked again, I don’t eat much food that has or needs gravy on it.

All fine ways to live

whatever onion gravy i can find in the supermarket

Very very rarely actually roast some meat.

So, Bisto. It’s fine guys.


Yeah, make vegetarian onion gravy, sin’t it.

Onions, butter, nutmeg, smoked paprika, on very low heat.


Pie and mash: bisto
Sausage mash: bisto and fried onions
Roast: dripping from the bird/joint, stock, flour, wine, scrapings
Christmas: dedicated slow cooked chicken wings, bacon and veg to get the base for ultimate gravy. Make it way ahead and freeze. Fastest way to ruin a Christmas roast is for there not to be enough gravy for everyone, and I will over compensate to make sure that doesn’t happen on my watch.

had some lovely gravy blast night.
just added some cornflour to all the tasty juices that had run from the chicken and veg as it was roasting