Big, big fan. Obviously essential on a roast, great on chips (especially with cheese), brilliant on and in a pie, just a glorious substance all round. I will concede this time that some homemade fancy stuff is very very nice, but granules or whatever are also fine (we just add a Knorr stock thing as well for extra salt). It’s time we talked about gravy.

At some point someone will say “gravy’s good tonight!” or similar and we’ll all laugh


Only really eat it with my Christmas dinners but it goes down a treat then


Northern boys love gravy.

Not me

Its alright. Happy to have it, happy to have a roast without it

But if its good enough for Romeo Dunn, its good enough for me

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Even the concept of this makes me sad.


Can I shock you.

Not a massive fan

Genuinely shocking.

Can I shock you even more

Don’t particularly like a roast dinner

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In some countries they’ll eat gravy every week


I should like to move there.

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Drank gravy from the jug the other day.

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Once at university when we’d run out of mixers I drank a mug of vodka and Bisto.


This is lovely but too small!

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A good onion gravy is so so peng.

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Same as I say for milk with cereal - an unnecessary addition which has somehow become a staple. At least with gravy it has flavour and doesnt turn the eating into a race against time to gobble the food before it becomes soggy and gross

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Just don’t get chips and gravy. Oh I’ve made this nice crispy thing all soggy now.

It’s good though, obviously. Back in my student stoner days me and my flatmate would on occasion dip stuffing balls in bisto in front of the television as a little snack, or a tray of cheapo Yorkshire puds.

With Yorkshire puds I like to pour my gravy on them immediately before eating because of the aforementioned soggy chip factor. Like them to still have some bite instead of become paste like.


Was marketed as a ‘bar snack’.

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I recently told someone about the people on my forum who eat cereal without milk, and they refused to believe me.

Can’t get my head around it. What a dry life.

Gravy’s amazing, to the original point. I have to go last when the jug’s handed round as I’ll just have “the rest, please”.

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