Great Albums with one terrible song

You Would Know on the QOTSA self-titled album.

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Not a fan of the overblown production but think the song is great, that version from the word is basically my favourite thing

Monsters in the Parasol on Rated R

The Party Song off of Blink 182’s Enema of the State.

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She Likes Surprises off Superunknown

Wild is the Wind is definitely the best, by miles, and Across the Universe is the worst (although Across the Universe is an awful song so I’m not sure it is Bowie’s fault).

There are some decent Bowie covers though - I like It Ain’t Easy on Ziggy, Fill Your Heart on Hunky Dory, Sorrow from Pin-ups, Cactus from Heathen.

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Darkshines by Muse. 60% of the time, I skip it every time.

I very strongly disagree with this opinion. It’s one of their best songs, I would say

For some reason it’s the only one of his songs that I dislike. I can’t get past the phone noises, the riff, and the moaning vocals. It’s interesting though because it does have a resemblance to Leg of Lamb on Rated R, which is without a doubt a great song.

Conversely I mostly despise Father John Misty, but quite like True Affection.

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Twisted on Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell
Light My Fire on Protection by Massive Attack
Changes on Vol 4 by Black Sabbath (although I don’t hate it as much as some people do)



not a dud second on that album. Disarm is great.


In Rainbows (Videotape)

Cue: lots of disagreement.


Black Sabbath “Changes”
Modest Mouse “Tiny Cities Made of Ashes”

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Owned this album for over a decade and never listened to this track

Nothing against the original song or Massive Attack or anything, just every time I think about it, I just think “no way can that end well”


Light My Fire is just a bonus track though, surely? Nobody sticks around for that, show’s over.

Whoa whoa whoa


Prisstina off One Beat is awful :confounded: Sleater-Kinney’s only bad song. I don’t know if it’d even register with another band, but because S-K are so consistently brilliant it really sticks out the one time they fuck it.