Great bands/artists we haven't heard from for a while

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Don’t know if they count as they’re technically still active but I’ve been wondering recently if we’ll ever get a 4th Portishead LP


The Wrens.
Weren’t they mixing the new lp about a year ago?


Modest Mouse said they’d be releasing another lp soon after Strangers To Ourselves but not a peep since.


Stars of the Lid. Sporadic tour dates here and there but no studio record since 2007 ‘And Their Refinement’, cmon guys get back in the studio :grin:


“as soon as legally allowed” = at least 4 years apparently.

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Caitlin Rose.

The Stand-In will be 6 years old in March and I miss that voice - hopefully her comeback will be this year. A great singer-songwriter, and I can’t think of many other artists whose cover versions (The Felice Brothers, Alex Turner, Fleetwood Mac, The National, etc.) are so reliably wonderful.

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The Sundays

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I Still can’t comprehend this song

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The Fall :frowning:

Anything by any REM member.

Why is this?

they claimed there would be a follow up as soon as their label would allow them to release it, but have been silent about it since

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who Cherry Red Records? Maybe a nice box set of some unreleased material.

nah Modest Mouse!

i’d be very surprised if there’s much unreleased Fall material left whatsoever, although a few early 2010s demos have been floating around the internet for a while which could end up getting released maybe

Ahh read it wrong, I’ve been drinking disregard. Was hoping for some Fall unreleased stuff you may have been privy to I didn’t know…poop :laughing:

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I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

are they still a thing??