Great bands/artists we haven't heard from for a while



No joke answers, please.

And bands/artists who may be on “indefinite hiatus” but are at least actually still alive and well.


Don’t know if they count as they’re technically still active but I’ve been wondering recently if we’ll ever get a 4th Portishead LP


Boards of Canada. Never sure.


My vitriol


The Wrens.
Weren’t they mixing the new lp about a year ago?


Modest Mouse said they’d be releasing another lp soon after Strangers To Ourselves but not a peep since.


Stars of the Lid. Sporadic tour dates here and there but no studio record since 2007 ‘And Their Refinement’, cmon guys get back in the studio :grin:


“as soon as legally allowed” = at least 4 years apparently.


Caitlin Rose.

The Stand-In will be 6 years old in March and I miss that voice - hopefully her comeback will be this year. A great singer-songwriter, and I can’t think of many other artists whose cover versions (The Felice Brothers, Alex Turner, Fleetwood Mac, The National, etc.) are so reliably wonderful.


The Sundays




I Still can’t comprehend this song


The Fall :frowning:


Anything by any REM member.


Why is this?


they claimed there would be a follow up as soon as their label would allow them to release it, but have been silent about it since


who Cherry Red Records? Maybe a nice box set of some unreleased material.


nah Modest Mouse!

i’d be very surprised if there’s much unreleased Fall material left whatsoever, although a few early 2010s demos have been floating around the internet for a while which could end up getting released maybe


Ahh read it wrong, I’ve been drinking disregard. Was hoping for some Fall unreleased stuff you may have been privy to I didn’t know…poop :laughing: