Great bands/artists we haven't heard from for a while


I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

are they still a thing??




Just got done producing the forthcoming Mountain Goats


Despite the ‘no joke answers’ I was still tempted to respond with ‘Nirvana’.

My honest answer is La Dispute but I just checked and I guess it’s not long to wait

Rooms of the House gets regular play so this has a stupid level of anticipation for me and can only disappoint now :frowning:


The Walkmen


Tv on the Radio
Bill Callahan




Joanna Newsome
Angel Olsen


Magazine. Despite not officially breaking up since they released ‘Know Thyself’ i suspect they’re done.


FKA Twigs
Glass Candy


Played Melbourne in December


Stone Roses. Not a massive fan but clearly all that talk of them being mates again was bullshit, just wanted to cash in/get a retirement fund for themselves. Don’t think any of them have even done anything solo since either


Still think Strangers might be my most disappointing release of all time. Hard to build up any anticipation for their return after 8 years waiting for that, and I certainly wasn’t excited for another album released straight off the back of it


Ian Brown’s released a couple of shocking singles in the last few months.


I want Tom Waits to haul his old man ass back to the studio


Darn. I don’t have any time for gigs really tbf


Pretty sure that was the whole point of that thing a few year’s back.

Give them another five years and they’ll do it again.


Peter Buck’s usually up to something albeit fairly low-key. Think he recently released an album (Arthur / Buck).


Heard one of these. Truly terrible.


Martha announced yesterday.


Aren’t they done? Is it just a hiatus?