Great bands/artists we haven't heard from for a while


An “extreme” hiatus


Not that long a break by the standards of some on this list, but would be very keen for some more explosions in the sky soon




Fang Island


Five years since FKA twigs released Lp1.

Lp2 coming any time soon?


Always this^


Have you heard the Baseball Project (feat. Mills and Buck)? Think they are due another album this year according to an interview with Steve Wynn from last year.


No. Didn’t know that was a band. Thanks for the heads up.


There was a new Glass Candy song last year


The band features Steve Wynn of the Dream Syndicate, Buck & Mills, Scott McCaughy from Minus 5 (who also played with R.E.M. on tour) plus Linda Pitmon (Zu Zu’s Petals, Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 & Filthy Friends).

They write songs about baseball.


Presumably. She’s at the festivals this summer


What happened to AA Bondy? I had a ticket to see him in 2011/12 but he cancelled his tour due to personal stuff and I’ve not heard anything since.


In fairness, your man posted an update recent-ish saying that the mixing and mastering had revealed to him that, from memory, about three of the songs weren’t quite there and he’d gone back to the drawing board on them. Definitely sounds more finished than not, and he is pretty open about his own madness surrounding it!


Fingers crossed for a 2020 release then! :stuck_out_tongue:


Realise some of the chaps are tied up with the Seth Meyers house band but would love to hear from Les Savy Fav again.


Peter Buck just appeared on and co-wrote a new tune on the new Christmas album from The Monkees.

Plus he has done regular work with his band Minus 5.


David Pajo


Not a massive gap, but nothing from Tindersticks since 2016. Wonder what they’re up to?


Fuck Buttons
Nearly 6 years since Slow Focus!
Also really wish Marnie Stern would release something new…


Nina Nastasia for a serious answer.

Herman The Tosser for my joke reply.