Great bands/artists we haven't heard from for a while


There was an excellent Papa M record last year.


Joanna Newsom’s average tat on a new album’s been 4-5 years since Ys. Given that she had a child last year I’m thinking we’ll be waiting a bit longer yet.




John Talabot. It’s been 7 years since ƒIN came out. I’ve found myself listening to it quite a lot, lately.
I know he put out a record with Axel Boman a couple of years ago but it wasn’t remotely in the same league.


Interesting, I did not know this


ahem @thedestroyer


Lovely review, I remember reading it originally & I’m sure it encouraged me to keep the album in heavy rotation.
Beautiful album. One of the best of 2018 imo.




They nailed the Superbowl half time show tbh tbf…


Bohren and Der Club of Gore!!


Forget hearing about The Sundays, there hasn’t even been a single song released by Harriet Wheeler since their last album in 1997. At some point you’d think there might have been a side-project or appearance with someone but nope, her and her husband completely disappeared from the music scene…WTF!?

One of the best voices of the 90s too and it hasn’t been heard from since then.


I imagine they’re coasting along fairly nicely with the royalties from Here’s Where The Story Ends and Summertime. But yeah, a wonderful voice sadly hidden away for over 20 years.


Hot Chip. I like them. Always interested in what they offer.


They’re very much gearing up for a new album so wouldn’t worry. New promo shots on their social media and big slots on festival headlines


I’m pretty sure @sean mentioned something about them working on music again…this was a couple of years ago though.


Braids - a couple of new tracks last summer but silence since then. Hoping they return this year with an album ++ tours


Did have a tiny thought that Dear Tommy might actually surface today seeing as it was due for release on Valentine’s Day 2015 and they’ve been pretty active on Instagram recently but… nothing so far.


Jetplane Landing


Girl Band


Please god can this just come out.