Great bands/artists we haven't heard from for a while


Yeah, what’s happened to them? I know they’ve cancelled a lot of past tours due to illnesses


Getting to the point now where I’ve hyped myself up too much and it can only disappoint. Would still like a tour though.


Likewise - Kill For Love was a true album experience for me.

An overwhelming record, impossible to understand at first listen, that took years to really show me how special it was. I’ve now become obsessed with their sound - to the point of compiling various Spotify playlists of their various ‘types’ of releases (for example - you can make huge playlists of instrumentals of their songs, because they diligently upload them) - and would kill to see them live. Most of all, though, I’m so excited for their new album. Some of their recent tracks (esp. Shadow) are among my favourites of the last few years, and I can only dream of what they’re cooking up.

V fine with me if they’re still working on it, but all indications are that Tommy mark 2 is finished.


Yeah similar here. Saw it in a lot of end of year lists and didn’t get it. Think it slowly started to seep in over the course of the next year.


God, Shadow is SO good. I’ve long convinced myself Dear Tommy isn’t going to be on the same level as Kill For Love if it (ever) comes out but they’re clearly capable of putting out killer tracks when it suits them.


No idea other than, as you mentioned, the last tour in 2017 was cancelled due to health issues. From what I’ve read here and elsewhere Dara has some mental health issues so can only assume they are an ongoing concern. Hope he gets better or whatever it is that’s stopping them carrying on gets sorted. Would be well up for hearing where they’d go after HHWJ


New Italians Do it Better release today. Produced by Johnny Jewel.

Another little something to tie us over.


Was hoping for a Kings of Convenience album soon. It’s been nearly 10 years since the last one and they did a tour of new, unrecorded material in 2016 in preparation for making the new one. Silence since then though. They’ve just posted this, so looks like we’ve got a little longer to wait, but at least things seem to be moving.



Hos :clap: pi :clap: ta :clap: li :clap: ty


Jessy Lanza

Released two banging albums - Pull My Hair Back being my album of 2013 - her last being back in 2016, and since then nothing.

What gives, Jessy?


The end to this suggests they’re probably done

But I guess in the end does it really matter? Our catalogue of songs is about our weird little fucking band that didn’t really make it in most people’s eyes but ripped it up a few good nights on the road and in the studio now and then too. Wildness, trying to do our own thing, fuck it! But I can’t see how we can make another record right now… Boo hoo, no more Jetplane… No more madness in the riff-filled night. Which songs are we most proud of? All of them… Even the shit ones.


Not technically. Although MES is gone and much-missed, the others in the last line up are now Imperial Wax.


Clinic. I see they’re playing the 6Music festival but its been years since Free Reign and FR2


Definitely Fuck buttons for me. The 3 albums still sound incredible.
And I need to have my ears bleed at a gig to Surf Solar again.

Tbe Blanck Mass project is good, but there’s a little bit of extra magic when Ben and Andrew get together.


Not any time soon I think - read an interview where one of them said they live in different cities now and just have different things going on.

Jason’s still doing his Mythless thing (posted some photos of him int he studio recently), but it’s not the same.

Fingers crossed for a 10 year anniversary tour next year for the debut.


Yeah Andrew i believe lives in Hong Kong now. My buddy chats with him fairly regularly on instagram, as i guess he is very receptive to fans on there. Don’t think Fuck Buttons are getting back any time soon. I certainly wish as well though.

Edit: Whoops that was supposed to be in response to crackling not wasted.


Stars of the Lid


Jens Lekman. He doesn’t update his ‘smalltalk’ blog anymore. This makes me sad.


New album out 10th May.


Bought a ticket to see him in June the other week. Finally.