Great bands/artists we haven't heard from for a while


Six years since there was a proper 65daysofstatic record.


I 100% count No Man’s Sky as a proper 65dos album personally.

That said, by the time I caught their Decomposition Theory show last year it definitely felt as though some of the algorithmic stuff was starting to coalesce into actual song - would welcome a release of some of that :+1:


There’s usually about 3 years between each 65dos album anyway (and I am including No Man’s Sky). Hopefully we’ll get some news soon!


As per a recent thread, I want more Joy Zipper in my life. They’ve been posting a lot on FB recently, so here’s hoping…


Oo - nice shout. Need to listen to them more


My default answer to this question: Dirty Three. Last album was a bit lacklustre but I live in hope they’ve another work of genius in them. I spoke to mick Turner at the merch table a few years ago when he toured solo and he said warren was always too busy with nick. I’m assuming warren is not involved in the q&a’s that nick is doing (?) so here’s hoping.

Also: electrelane. Don’t know whether they’ve officially split or just on hiatus. Would gladly have more of them, particularly after how good no shouts no calls was.


Would love new Dirty Three material… Jim White needs to be rescued from the clutches of Mark Kozelek.


Assumed Electrelane had called it a day but would love that.