Great British Bake Off 2017


Definitely thought this was better than usual.


Standard of baking definitely was - although maybe a bit too much style over substance.




Oh my god


C’mon they did the same thing all the time, this is at least different. It was of equal quality to the other bake offs (bar the ads). Guess I was hardly gonna get misty eyed about bake off’s integrity in the first place.


Feels perfectly fine though I was never hugely attached to Mel and Sue anyway. Genuinely puzzled by people by people talking about adverts, like it hasn’t been possible to skip adverts for about 10 years now.


They were right to sell it coz they were getting gouged by the production company but mary berry will do britain’s best cook and it’ll be worse but fine and wont have noel fielding in it


Proper belly laugh at “it tastes like a clown’s nose”


I’m addicted to you, but you’re no


how do you skip adverts on live tv?


Surely you just mute them and go and make some tea or something


well… yes… but… hmm


You just start 10-15 mins later so they’re all possible to skip


I ain’t got time for these games!!!


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?? I assumed everyone already did this - its not like it’s a football match or something?


This thread makes it sounds as if adverts in television programmes are this new-fangled thing that’s come in and wrecked everything.


Depends if you want to live tweet along I guess.

We started late as had to make cup.of tea, then had to keep.pausing it for Vincent to talk, caught up with time by the end though…


Already had a bust up with someone at work about why I’m not watching this.

He said “how can you live your life like that?”



You’ll be on the wrong side of history