Great British Bake Off 2017




Not everyone has a fancy box where you can pause or rewind TV though, right?

(I don’t)


I’m loving Meow’s conviction :smiley:


Really? I thought all digital TV allowed that function?


Nope. I have a smart TV (granted it’s a bit old now) and I definitely cannot pause any live telly.




Well, that’s me told.




Was never really that fussed by it when it was on BBC so my only input is that Noel Fielding was only equally as cringeworthy as Mel and Sue were so no tangible change there IMO.


right so we’re doing an elaborate sweepstake whereby you choose a name from the “hat” (eleanor’s hands) and then if you go out you have to make summat based on that week’s theme and bring it into work. its a fiver in, winner gets £30, two runners up get £15 each. i got chris who made that cake without butter that looked like he dropped it ffs


never seen an episode of the old one and will never see an episode of the new one

just came in here expecting you all to be slagging it and i am EXTREMELY disappointed. don’t @ me.


It’s about 95% the same as the old one. It’s perfectly acceptable. You’re missing out. Cake.


Have seen up to (but not including) the tech bake.

It’s good! I like the new team, has freshened it up a bit I think, was getting a bit stale (like a cake lol)

I’m giving meow three weeks before she caves in


Meow definitely watched it.


Prue Leith sounds like an ingredient ffs.


A TV doesn’t count as “smart” just because its mum says it is.


Enjoy these early episodes when you don’t know anybody’s name.

‘Yeah tashy glass knife man is definitely gone here’.


It was alright. It was almost entertaining watching Fielding almost visibly going “Don’t be a dick. Don’t be a dick” to himself the whole way. It won’t last.

So who is the most hateful judge then?

  • Hollywood and his fucking motorbikes
  • Toksvig and her incessant twee dullness
  • Leith and her joyless hatred of humanity
  • Twatboy

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Hated how Leith kept mentioning calories, its a baking show FFS fuck off


6.5 million average viewers and 7.7 million peak last night, way past their break even point of 3 million