Great British Bake Off 2017


Love Production’s ideas, not the BBC’s. Love Productions have taken their bundle of ideas wrapped up in the show and channel 4 are just the one’s airing it. It’s not about having ideas ‘taken’ or ‘copied’


still a very shrewd move on the part of Love and Ch4


I ain’t having it mate!



It absolutely is! Very ballsy, and sad to see something go because of the money. That said, the irony is I’m about to leave my job at the BBC for a job somewhere else for more money.


Actually really enjoyed it. Some nice contestants. Especially Like Hackney Lad, Granny Watermelon and Pleasant Scouse. <3



same show innit


Watched it last night. It’s fine.

They seem to like having an armed forces contestant, maybe chrisiscool can be on it when he gets back from army.


Enjoyed. Biggest change is adverts which I’m fine with, can check my phone/get a snack etc.
The things that make the show is not really the judges or the presenters but the contestants innit, as long as it’s a decent bunch it’s gonna be okay. Oh and the editing, which obviously hasn’t changed at all from the BBC, gives it the same feel.

Sucker for the pretty ones so I like Julia (the Russian) and Kate but also like Liam from Hackney and the person that won this week too.




Can’t frigging wait for biscuit week :blush: biscuit boardgames!!! Epimer is going to freak out.


I watched it and never watched it on BBC, don’t really have a point here. I despise Noel Fielding


last about 5 minutes (wahey). noel and sandy’s scripted bits are painful and paul hollywood doesn’t even look real anymore. plastic head weirdo. ahm oot.


It’s almost exactly the same you weirdo.


yeah and queen was almost exactly the same with adam lambert!!


Not watching this this week (watching Hollyoaks which is gripping), but last week liked how Noel Fielding doesn’t get to eat anything


he ate some biscuits at the beginning


oh, that’s a shame


i don’t think noel and toksvig work particular well together - everything else :thumbsup:


I’m hoping it will come once they loosen up a bit.