Great British Bake Off 2017


i think they fucking hate each other


This is quite a good technical I think


Do you reckon Flo will grow into her teeth eventually?


Bit worried for Flo tonight. After last week’s sweepstake nightmare with Peter, I took on the last remaining baker (Flo). I fear the laelfy curse may strike again.


“My game is a British baking game” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Looks like Steven’s smashing it again.


flo :frowning:


Steven chess man is going to win this whole thing.

Personal fave is Yan.


the judge woman almost looked pissed off he was so good? it was a weird reaction.


Think she just thought “fuck he’s really good”


im defo making biscuits for the office this wk with that shitehouse brexit thing he made eh


Fucking CHRIS!!! you twat


This might be a hot take but I really like Noel Fielding being just a pleasant middle aged man. He’s much better at that than comedy.


I kinda like how clearly terrified they are of their new roles and living up to people’s expectations.


It looked like she was a bit overwhelmed :sob:

Bit disappointed with the biscuit board games. In the advert for it I saw the chess board and thought everyone was making 3D board games which would have been MUCH better… imho :blush: Really loving how hardcore all the challenges are. Would like an excuse to do the last one myself. Anyone for a biscuit-off?


Also, I keep on thinking “I wonder what Francis Quinn from series 4 would have done for that?” She was so good.


Steven is very good, it’s his to fuck up at the moment. He’s got a similar attitude to Candice from the last series, seems eternally worried even if the judges tell him it’s brilliant.

Think I like Yan too, though obviously all are very likeable.


Watching s4 on really at the mo. Weird to see ruby and paul getting along.


But that was back when Ruby was a painfully insecure twat, rather than just a twat.


Woah what’s wrong with Ruby?