Great British Bake Off 2017



we need more principled opposition


What the fuck.


confirmed: bake offers are all nazis.


Stupid thing to do, but hardly the crime of the century


not that it excuses him but i think that photo was taken a while ago. cigarettes in the ashtray and the pack of cigarettes is white, so pre law changes on plain packets (also looks like a 10 pack). Could just be a lookalike! If it is him though fuck him innit


plain cigarette packets came in this year, i don’t think it was somehow more acceptable to dress as a nazi in early 2017, even if being a nazi seems to have come back en vogue as the year goes on.

fwiw it also wasn’t acceptable to dress up as a nazi in 2003 - can you imagine any circumstance in your life, outside of, i dunno, being in Downfall, where you’d think ‘hmm got a party to go to, might go as a nazi’?


its never acceptable. I wish these things were given context though


So which one in Allo Allo was he supposed to be then?



And what’s worse is I bet Hollywood can’t even play the cor anglais.


[citation needed]


Horrible, horrible man. He had an affair with his US bake off co presenter as well didn’t he? And his bread mixes are shit


Pretty glad I took a firm stance on this show based on how much Hollywood is a dick.

I’ll gladly accept people into my boycott still.


Eugh, hate it when this stuff surfaces after years and years, like have they just been sitting on this for the last however long bake off has been in for?

So yeah he’s a bit of a twat, but I kind of think people should be able to do stupid things and not have it dragged up years in the future if they happen to end up famous


this is like saying people doing blackface is fine as long as they’re not planning to be celebs one day and for it to be dragged up and published


not that it excuses any of this but there is no doubt in my mind that paul hollywood regards 'allo 'allo as, not just the greatest television comedy of all time, but the absolute pinnacle of western culture

jeremy clarkson’s short lived chat show clarkson is a close second


Well it’s not, as I’m not suggesting either dressing up as a nazi, or blackface is ‘fine’ in any context, (I don’t think those two things are particularly comparable either).


You said it’s fine for people to do stupid shit like this?


Can’t be bothered with this so you can interpret that as you like.