Great British Bake Off 2017



I just said what you said mate


Noel Fielding is too old to still be dressing like this. Looks like he bought his entire outfit in the biscuit episode from Topshop in 2005.




Great British Beeve Off 2017


You sorta did tbf


Well… I ‘sorta’ did, but I didn’t actually say that, and its a pretty ungenerous interpretation that I can’t be bothered to engage with, I don’t believe that anyone on here seriously thinks that I think it’s fine to go around blacking up or wearing nazi uniforms, so that’s me checking out of this fascinating debate.


Someone I work with goes around saying ‘Good Moaning’ as the policeman did and thinks it’s hilarious.

In a twist that won’t surprise anybody, he is easily the most annoying person in the company by quite some margin.


Pru Paul Drag Race - could’ve been funny but didn’t really hit the mark did it. Not sure of them as a duo yet.


It’s all just too scripted and awkward. Quite fancy the liverpudlian one tbh.


Can’t decide if I fancy gay Steven or posh Tom.

Never like bread week tbh.


Also, didn’t know you were into gerontophilia :open_mouth:


Flo :frowning:️ Might be about to lose another sweepstake entry.


Think Flo might be a goner.
Julia is so bloody lovely, I reckon she’ll go far.


Julia is great. Her and Yan are my faves.


Oh my god CARAMEL WEEK???


Yan went down in my estimation after they showed her riding on of those kiddy scooters ON THE PAVEMENT


not flo!


They blatantly wanted to give star baker to the guy who won it the first two times.


Still watching S4. Cant believe i’ve missed out on ruby tandoh all these years. She’s amazing.


I’m gonna be fuming when they tell the pretty stunt woman there’s too much caramel in her millionaire’s shortbread next week. NEVER TOO MUCH CARAMEL.