Great British Bake Off 2017


The new bake off crew having it large:


That’s not a coincidence


You hear that, @LastAstronaut, stop enjoying things wrong! :wink:


The other lady is Prue Leith, from the Great British Menu. She’s taking on Mary Berry’s role.

Sandi Toksvig will be presenting it with Fielding.


Oh so it is her?
She’s well annoying


But I think this is whats irritating me more! Get your own fucking ideas channel 4!!


I’m 49 ffs, waaay too late to change that now!


Can’t blame channel four for capitalising on the fact that BBC screwed the pooch on a popular show though.


ffs just marry channel 4 if you love it so much




Will Sandi Toksvig make them do the Sandwich Quiz? That would improve it.


So the Guardian reckons it’s just as good / the same as before, and only people being contrary will stop watching it or complain about it:





At least there’s a decent chance that trying toeat a rubber glove will choke him eventually.




Nah Fielding’s worth keeping on balance but I’m too old for that level of enforced japery.

(I even thought Sue Perkins was too much in the original iteration of the franchise. Mel’s wonderful but Sue grinds my gears)




I’m seeing a trend here.


Course I am going to watch.

Course I still love Noel Fielding

Course it’ll be a sensation.

Unlike the Family Cooking thing BBC have going with Nadia and Zoe Ball which is all a bit odd and forced family frivolity.