Great British Bake Off 2017


I was going to say I was joking, then I remembered you being a massive arsehole the other day.

Bum ears stays.


Really? When was that?


I saw a bit of this - and it seemed like Nadia had been completely sidelined. Ball was doing all the contestant chat heavy lifting


Oh god, I caught the end of this the other day. Nadia looked fabulous but yeah, the whole thing was a bit rubs.




None on my part but would be nice to know what @Mistersteve is referring to.


more like MISTERBEEVE amirite?


I’m worried about this. What with this and Nadiya’s British Culinary Adventure thing giving a poor showing we could see her marginalised from our screens for good through no fault of our own. We always, always need more Nadiya, not less.


Ah shite, misspelled her name didn’t I?

Ach she’ll be grand. Thomasina Myers did a load of tv that didn’t do terribly well and look at her! She’s all over the place with her Wahaca stuff.


I thought it was very interesting she went from a full head scarf to stylish turbans in the process of going to having her own shows.

She was a lovely personality on Bake Off (I proper welled up when she won), but I’m not sure she really has the personality or cooking chops to have her own cookery / travel shows, but I guess plenty of worse people have done them.


Actually I’d say a fair bit of her personality comes out in the travelogue show. It’s just the concept that’s a bit weak.

The thing with Zoe Ball is obviously an elaborate bluff by the BBC. Fake up a show and pretend that it’s their counter to BO, then let it die while the thing with Mary Berry takes off under the radar.

I’m saying the family cooking thing is *ing terrible. No two ways about it.


Yeah agree but I reckon there’s a format where she’d be ideal. Like y’know she got commissioned to do that cake for the Queen’s 90th and that. Would’ve been a nice little half hour of TV seeing her decision making process and her subsequent agonising over getting the cake right. Something like that. Or something like her juggling the demands of work, busy home life, kids, baking and staying true to her culinary heritage etc. etc. I’d watch those - I think she’s wonderful.


Having said that I do like seeing in people’s houses so there’s that.

Surely not many families all cook dinner together like that either…


Just to be clear I think she has both, for sure.


on the one I saw there was quite a severe Swedish grandmother who I very much enjoyed


But they’re not even weird enough are they? Apart maybe from that one last week who really seemed to hate her mother.


Ok 3rd time of asking @Mistersteve - what are you referring to here?

If I’ve been an arsehole - let me know and I can apologise.

If this is a mix up with someone else or something - that’s fine, it happens.

In any case, it’s really impolite not to answer.


oooooh! It’s the Great British Beeve Off 2017


Found it!



Ah that was intended purely as a joke inkeeping with the theme and spirit of thread but I apologise if it came across stronger than that.