Great British Bake Off 2017


– Marilyn Monroe


No worries. I was also joking.

Also, we’re all clearly arseholes, that’s what makes DiS DiS.


Good lad. Obviously nowt wrong with a bit of joshing but it always comes with the occupational risk of going too far on occasion.


I tried to stir it up but no one bit! Didn’t realize there was real life beeves brewing!!


I wish I was better at beeving.


The easiest way to do it is to go against the popular opinion (even tho I do really think this GBBO will be shit and has really annoyed me)

I think I riled @geoff up a little in the vape thread earlier too but couldn’t be arsed to carry it on


I would disagree with this, I was remarking only last night how much of a natural Nadiya is on TV. She’s even funny


Not properly but yeah I was like “yeah I’ll stick up for vapers here” for good reason.

Whatever it is, it beats working.


I’ll chalk that one up as a success for me!


You were taking on someone who vapes. You’d already won before you hit reply.


And that @Witches is how you beeve


Yeah agree but the show itself isn’t that strong. Can imagine it getting cancelled and Nadiya getting less work as a result etc. which will not be right.


If you read twitter during and after her cooking show (not the family one) you will quickly see it’s a huge success and the nation absolutely adores her and the show. Not sure where you’ve got this opinion from tbh.


from that I think Peter and Stacey will be in the final. Chris will go out first.


This is from that Guardian article posted by hyg above:

“Because Channel 4 has a smaller reach than BBC1, the new Great British Bake Off is doomed to be a comparative ratings failure. The new version would do very well to draw half of the average 13.85 million weekly viewers who watched the final BBC series last year.”

So if the new series only gets half the viewers it did on the BBC, where have the other 7 million gone? And why?


lost somewhere between bbc 1 and channel 4, my guess is itv


They’re all meowingtons.


I love Nadiya, but think the show is a bit easy really considering what she can do. The other day a recipe was jam on ready made pastry, cook then put almond essence flavoured icing over.
Maybe it’s what people want.

I like her on telly though, proper genuine and funny


Exactly this.
We only put up with Paul because of Mary. Mel and Sue. He has betrayed them by going over to channel 4. No one gives a shit about him cause he’s a complete bell end. And the other 3 people are well annoying.


Oh really? Well that’s fair enough - literally the only opinion I’ve canvassed on it is my own.