Great British Bake Off 2017


I saw that being promoted on the front of some TV mag or something. The quote from one of them was ‘They say we’re the new Great British Bake Off!’

Which made me laugh like a dog.

It should have been ‘We’re desperate to be the new GBBO - If we say it enough, maybe it will be true’


Whoops, I replied to a post much earlier. Didn’t realise it was KICKING RIGHT OFF in here.


And there’s blackface in it :confused:


This is true, and a shame.


Not just black face but lots of very cringe-worthy “jokes” that are pretty much homophobic / transphobic.


I think he is prime to rebrand a bit, as he is great when he is just being himself. His Travel man is one of the best, so am hoping that guy is the one presenting Bun Battles.


This is nonsense. She’s perfect.


Hate noel fielding so much. Would probably watch this if it was literally anyone else.


Katie Hopkins.


I’ll have to have a think about it


on tonight at 8pm

  • watching
  • not watching

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Here we, here we fucking go


Sandi Toksvig’s voice is very similar to Sue’s, which is really comforting and I feel like I have already accepted her
Noel Fielding’s voice is too dour. Not feelin him so far. I like his shirt though


Anyone else doing a Bake Off sweepstake? I’ve got Peter, seems like a good lad so far.


biomedical scientist can’t turn an oven on

amateur blacksmith? WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE?!


This is all absolutely fine. Quite enjoying Noel.

Early predictions are Yan or Liam to leave today.


Just had some blueberry and orange loaf cake whilst watching this. Pretty tasty.

Enjoying Noel tbh and Sandi’s jacket it pretty cool.


I’M DRIPPING ALL OVER THE PLACE: @imaperv’s autobiography, coming to bookshelves near you!


Noel eating a flower!!!