Great British Bake Off 2017


Got to be Peter hasn’t it






I’m actually really enjoying Noel’s patter. sorry not sorry


Yeah he’s dead good. Whimsy rather than surrealism


It’s ok, there were two slots left on my sweepstake. If he goes I’ll just do a tactical repick.


Watching on +1. Not the biggest fan of Noel but they’re already miles better than fucking Mel and Sue.
In lieu of no Welsh contestants going to have to go with the Hackney lad to support.


Fuck me the marketing prick is probably the worst cunt in the world





  • Really enjoyed that
  • Was alright, I’m going to give it time
  • Not a fan

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“Join me, Jo Brand”

No thank you


Actually made me realise that Hollywood is probably the most important out of the original 4 to keep. Do miss Mel and Sue though.


Fucking hell adverts are so shit fuck off tattoo twat fuck off ebay fucking corporate shithole bastards


Hate adverts, but at least they schedule them very reasonably through the show


I remember reading an interview with old Richard Attenborough where he said he thought it was a good decision for the bbc to sell bake off, and if he was controller he would’ve, because the bbc is just the best and they’ll come up with other good shows so selling it is win-win for everyone. I thought it was a hot take but now I reckon he just knows how shit shows seem with adverts in.


Arthritis is definitely stopping our prison population from reforming


Can’t believe all you suckers watched this! You’re buying into it! You’re all gonna go and purchase whatever adverts they ruined this show with!



You totally watched it


I didn’t! I watched masterchef.
My friend was furious that I wasn’t watching it and told me he ate a marigold


Just me and you the hardliners, eh?

shakes head