Great British Bake Off 2020

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Read up on how they filmed it with you know what and they basically just filmed the series in one go rather than having week long gaps between episodes? Must be going banal by the end.

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Matt Lucas will be

  • Bad
  • OK
  • Good

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Feel like the quality will dip at the end because they usually took the week at home to practice didn’t they?

Also probably won’t have developed as close relationships.

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Tbf most of the country had enough time to practice during lockdown.

That’s one amateurish poster


our gbbo whatsapp group is prepped and ready to go. cant wait to find out who they all have crushes on this year, thats usually my favourite bit (our gbbo whatsapp group is surprisingly lesbian/bi woman -centric)

Going to try and reserve judgment on contestants for a while after how badly I misjudged David as a person. Really liked most the bakers and their interactions last year so this one will have to deliver some top baking to compensate.

Didn’t like how young everyone was last year. I’m guessing it’ll be even younger this time round with presumably no one in a protected category.

weird how cake rhymes with bake, isn’t it



Yep let’s judge the cakes not the people

bu… but…

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Looks like a great set of contestants!

looks like a strong pack this year i think

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this sounds so intense tho

The show is normally filmed over three months, largely at weekends. However, this year the producers asked the contestants to take six weeks off work and stay in a secure filming location.

“Everything was complicated, everything was different, but everybody wanted to do it,” executive producer Kieran Smith told the Radio Times.

Down Hall Hotel in Essex was chosen as the show’s new base, housing the production team, bakers, hosts, judges, hotel staff and cleaners all together, with extra temporary accommodation set up in the car park.

Sounds like a shagathon, like the Olympic Village


Ill probably be cheering on the people who are

a) ‘self taught’
b) northern
c) turn out to be a bit crap (thus relatable)

but I am fickle and likely to change on a whim


Yeah yeah don’t judge the contestants but this shirt tie waistcoat apron glasses combo is a disaster

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makbul is our boi

  • Makbul is a 51-year-old accountant from Greater Manchester. The self-taught baker first took on cooking at home as a means to help support his mum. He has a remarkable ability to measure out ingredients by eye, and enjoys making traditional Asian nankhatai biscuits.

Cant see anything going wrong with that :laughing: