Great British Bake Off 2020

rewatching particular old series of Bakeoff ‘8 or 9 times’ seems a bit weird. but maybe it’s no weirder than watching Taskmaster or something on a loop

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I have watched series 4 about the same amount tbh :grimacing:

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saw a junior bake off earlier, some maverick kid made a full english breakfast pie, another one made a ‘aussie’ pie including bbq sauce, ketchup and vegemite. much more interesting than the proper one

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Christmas special was dead good. The atmosphere was so much more relaxed and fun than the slightly weird/off season just gone. Matt Lucas felt a lot more natural doing it.

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I really like Harry Hill as the presenter on this- just right. Haven’t seen any of the recent ones.


there was a good bit when one of the kids trod on his foot

Didn’t see it but I saw bits of the old festive specials repeated recently with Sandi still there and I can see the contrast from her to Matt in that she knows how to speak to humans without being in character all the time. Has he learned more social skills?

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Anyone watched the New Years special?

Yeah. They’re all wrong about Helena obviously.


Rahul made Noel’s daughter’s birthday cake :sob::sob: he’s so precious


Watching S1 for the first time

This is weird

(Still miss Mel and Sue)

First series is very weird, feels like it’s been filmed using a different style of camera or something? Like very poor quality

Kids one started this week. The hosts/judges are ace. Big fan of Liam

Agree with this but also amazing how much is the same. Identical intro and the background music hasn’t changed at all - would have thought some things would be updated a bit!

That’s true, the format hasn’t changed at all, the only things that have is they removed the segments about the technical bakes and they stopped moving the tent around. I suppose if you have a winning formula you shouldn’t mess with it.

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The moving around seems pointless in hindsight, but I do miss the history bits. Adverts grr

The history bit was great, they should definitely bring that back

Poo emoji teacake technical on Junior Bake Off tonight… Way better than the adult version

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