Great bunch o' golden retrievers


What a lovely event

Always wonder about events like this, especially with pedigree dogs. How the fuck do you keep track of which one’s yours?

They all look as if they’re having a brilliant time

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Bet it stinks and there’s shite everywhere


like your mum’s house



“here spud!”

spud comes running up to you

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Yeah, if you’re in the 1% of dog owners who actually gives their dog an original name rather than just calling it Bailey/Marley/Bella/Daisy etc. Also good luck getting your dog to come back to you when it’s having a rave with 150 mates

Dogs love their owners

Going to be singing this all day now


Not a big fan of dogs but imagine that those who are will really enjoy this, and it’s nice for people and animals to have a good time.

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What’s the difference between a golden retriever and a labrador? Are they not the same thing?

All dogs mate, nobody actually knows the difference between any of them other than ‘big’, ‘medium sized’, ‘pointless little one’, ‘sausage dog’ and ‘pug’

I always think that with these kind of things, the dogs must be thinking what the actual fuck is going on here?

Main difference? A golden retriever is long haired and a labrador is short haired, so other than daily brushing a lab doesn’t really ever need to be taken in anywhere for grooming whereas a retriever has to be kept up a little more.

Golden Retrievers have webbed feet. Their fur is longer and thicker. They have two coats of fur, the long silky topcoat, and a softer fuzzier undercoat. The fur fans out off the backs of their legs, and they have very prominent fans from the bottom sides of their tails. Goldens tend to have a more narrow face, but that is not always true. Labs have shorter hair. It is still soft, but does not have the same fuzzy coat under the topcoat. Their heads are usually a little broader. The fans are absent from the backs of the legs and from the tail. See the related links below for more.

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Thanks Google



Huh, as a kid I always assumed they were just different names for the same thing.

You must have been a really stupid moron as a kid