Great conversation starting questions and topics for awkward social situations

What are some good things to talk about, ask or say in situations where you’re with someone you don’t really know but want the whole situation to be fractionally less awkward?

The weather today, huh?

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“So, how about those Knicks?”

“Did you say dicks?”

What route did you use to get here?


“I’m not prepared to clarify this, let’s just proceed with our respective interpretations of the question”


My huge cock

That’s a good one

No, I was asking you

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Brexit is all Cameron’s fault. Discuss.

I opened Chrome, I typed d and then appeared then I hit ENTER then when the page loaded I clicked on SOCIAL and then clicked NEW TOPIC before reading any other threads like always

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When was the last time you jumped?

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Tell me mordge, how do you feel about the economy

Would you be able to identify your hands in an anonymous hand parade?

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I’m so sick of remoaners talking our country down, how about you?

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?

“trains have been terrible lately”

How much stuff would you have to take out of your fridge before you could comfortably carry it for one hundred metres without stopping?