Great day for new releases (Fri 27th Jan)


Some exciting stuff out today, can’t wait to get stuck into the new Cloud Nothings, Japandroids and Fred Thomas records as well as the Allison Crutchfield debut!

Also see that Ty Segall’s new one is out, only heard him for the first time on 6music yesterday but liked what I heard, any fans here?

Today's New Releases 3rd February 2017

Now in a quandary over whether to re-listen to Japandroids on the way home from work or give Cloud Nothings a bash because Japandroids is so bloody good.


Hello @Cameron12, I’m a Ty Seagall fan.


I couldn’t pick between them at this point, both brilliant, spent a bit more time with Japandroids as listened to the NPR stream but first couple listens of Cloud Nothings this morning didn’t disappoint.


nice one, any recommendations of what to check out (didn’t realise the size of his back catalogue!!). I also notice the new one or the one before that aren’t on spotify :frowning:


Yeah, think I’ll give it a bash on the way home. Driving to Edinburgh tonight so can blast one of them again tonight. Got Alison Crutchfield’s album to get had as well.


Check out the two albums by Fuzz, for whom Ty plays drums.

They have some of the best album covers of recent memory!



It’s one of those days, isn’t it? Thanks for reminding me about Japandroids, Cloud Nothings and Ty Segall. Dunno where I’ll find time to listen to all.

Also out are:
Ed Dowie’s album (very nice)
Sacred Paws’ album (very danceable and very nice!)
Cate Le Bon’s Rock Pool (ace as always)
Rose Elinor Dougall’s Stellular album (not listened yet, but the single of the same name was great pop)


Freakin love Fuzz.


I reckon CN have put out the better of the two but both are very strong albums for sure


been hearing a lot of good things about sacred paws, added to the list!


thanks will do :slight_smile:


It’s brilliant, sunny, Afrobeat music for any time of the year. Interestingly, they’re on Mogwai’s label but don’t sound a thing like Mogwai at all.

I just finished listening to it now. Two thumbs up.

Wow - just found out Echobelly have a new single out today. Listening now and wondering when they turned into The Tindersticks.


Rock Action? I THINK I remember reading once that Mogwai make a point of only signing bands that sound nothing like them. A good strategy.


The Allison Crutchfield album is brilliant. Do check it out.


We’ve also got that Sleater-Kinney live album and I’m really enjoying Priests debut.

Re Ty Segall - would recommend checking out Twins, Slaughterhouse (his best) and Manipulator


Alison Crutchfield and Rose Elinor Dougall’s albums out today, and both are excellent - especially Alison’s.


Really excited to hear this! Along with the new Ty Segall and Japandroids records…


I was about to ask why they released records by Errors - but then I remembered that Errors sounded like Errors before Mogwai sounded like Errors! To me anyway.

Yes, it’s a good strategy. Excellent quality all round too.