Great DiS levellers of our time (rolling)



We came so close with glass chopping boards until that pervert @TheWza popped up to declare his love of blunting knives and slippery raw chicken.

There must be more great levellers on here other than ‘pizza is amazing’.

What do we all think of The Levellers, the English rock band, founded in 1988 and based in Brighton, England?


what happened to TheWza? Has he left?


We were pretty close with The Dark Knight Rises


Everyone seems to agree that Moonlight is brilliant


Think we got everyone to agree that electric hobs are awful.




yeah the classic DiS everyone agrees yet everyone disagrees topic :slight_smile:


what’s his face that does the shit political comedy videos on facebook while in character. can’t remember his name. everyone hated him, no?


Induction hobs (which are electric) are dead good though


The idea that someone routinely uses, and even prefers, glass chopping boards makes me weep.




Not even opened that thread. Can only imagine it making me angry.




Just read it myself.

Posted what I had to post in here because I didn’t want to bump it.


This was close in the judging people’s taste TV comedy edition. Classic kik.




Everyone prefers gas, sure. But once you get used to an electric hob they’re fine.


have you used one?


Question was probably too nuanced for him to understand


And Agas are exclusively for massive tories