Great DiS levellers of our time (rolling)

Couldn’t even spark up a dirty rollie on one at Uni. Had to use the toaster instead.

Not to make this into a witchhunt, but are we all not-tory? Is there a single tory here?

  • Let’s be having you!
  • I’m a tory!

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You what? @TheWza is pro-glass? He’s like the Dick Dastardly of the boards.

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Yeah pretty sure there was universal accord on here re: agas. Don’t think anyone had a problem accepting that they looked really good though.

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Obviously not

Big fan of @mroc’s contribution to that thread


That bloke who looks like a Liverpool footballer turned to Comedy? John something? He’s shit and I’m sure we all agree.

How about this one:

  • I am not a fan of Michael McIntyre
  • I am a fan of Michael McIntyre

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Pretty sure we’ve done this before and there were a couple of wrong’uns

Maybe they didn’t move over to the new boards. Progression is confusing to MM fans, I believe.

I was about to make a joke about The Levellers (something along the lines of "there’s only one way of chopping pizza / and that’s your own) but I then realised J_I had referenced them in the OP.

Yeah I like McIntyre and think he occupies a decent enough space on the old comedy spectrum.

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Think yer man @The_Excession is a McIntyre fan

No one enjoys the musical stylings of Edward Sheeran do they?


Everyone agreed that cutting pizza with scissors is rad, no?


2% Tory at recent count

I cannot think of anything about Ed Sheeran’s music that someone who uses this website could possibly like. Sheeran’s literally the antithesis of whatever musical journey leads someone to use this site.

Ooh good one!

Ed Sheeran:

  • Should’ve won that MOBO award imo, guy can’t be festooned with enough trophies tbqh tbf
  • Music for people who don’t like music

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he is the most important black person ever though, tbf

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You’d think so wouldn’t you?

Wonder what @deep-blue thinks ?