Great English Groups of the 2010's

Was sure they were Scottish

Sauna Youth

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I really don’t know about Field Music. Recently at least they fluctuate rapidly between the sharp, spiky social commentary of Count it Up and Only In A Man’s World and being a drab Steely Dan tribute band whose members sound 30 years older than their actual age.

Another one I’m confused about. Ladyflash was joyful and one of the best singles of the mid noughties but everything I’ve heard since (singles not albums I’ll admit) sounds a bit Poundland Ladyflash.

Any more English bands?


Is it good? No listened yet.

Also their 10s material is better than a lot of other bands being mentioned in this thread imo

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A ‘no’ in the poll is fine :wink:

Feel too guilty to do that because I’ve genuinely loved some of their work and it outweighs their occasional dadrock dabblings. Whereas someone like Hot Chip I just constantly think “sorry, 5/10, not for me” and meet their entire discography (in the 10s anyway) with a gigantic shrug.

Hot Chip probably are good but when they first appeared all I could think was “is this NME Nu-rave 2.0?” and then now all I can think of when I see or hear their names is Mark in peep Show saying “hot potato, hot potato, hot potato”


Hot Chip are amazing, have rarely put a foot wrong since the start and are one of the best and most joyous live acts in the UK. Umpteen equally enjoyable side-gigs and offshoots, as well.


Over and Over and Ready For The Floor are quite brilliant, but not 2010s. I saw them live once and they were great, but not in the 2010s.

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Will have a listen, only really know Over & Over tbh.

Maybe when this thread settles a playlist might be in order.

And over and over
Like I’m playing to a sold-out audience


Bon Iver needs to do a song called Hot Potato now

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Then again I’m not sure I should be allowed in this thread or the entire music boards full stop because one of my favourite bangers of 2019 was by White Lies

Works really really well in the game in making an atmosphere paired with the game’s cool watercolor art style, so much so that I can’t really separate it from the game. I’m a big fan tho deffo

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Nice I see it’s being released Inc a crazily priced ‘origami’ edition

Maximo park?

Are The Comet is Coming English?