Great English Groups of the 2010's


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Great band but not in the 10s. Or the 00s.


The two albums released that decade were very good so they fit the remit imo.

I like Public Service Broadcasting but i bet you lot all hate them


Nah, they’re pretty good. The Race For Space is ace.


dunno, haven’t connected with them yet

one of those Quietus bands who might be good but I can’t be sure if they’re not or if I’m just too sad to like them

only TNP who really came to mind for me

I heard them before they were big via the Sigur Ros message board when it was cool

when they got big, I found it funny/strange/good that a band named after a chip that is hot who made the silly tune about playing Yo La Tengo in a Peugeot were famous and successful

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they’re one of the worst ever bands

They’re alright, quite liked the first album but never really felt like I needed more of them after that

I saw them play their Titanic suite on the site where it was built which was cool

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Arctic Monkeys? British Sea Power? Field Music? Is this thread an intentional troll cos most of the bands mentioned here came out with albums well before 2010. I could understand if someone mentioned like maybe a band that came out in 2009 like White Lies but come on.

  1. Wolf Alice (2014 debut album)
  2. The Joy Formidable (2011 debut album)
  3. Desperate Journalist (2015 debut album)
  4. Happyness
  5. Bill Ryder-Jones

I just voted for that bands output in the 2010-2019 decade.

For Radiohead, I like TKOL a lot and don’t get AMSP at all, and only 2 albums… not a great 10s band.


Music is in a sorry state really. Hadn’t realised before this thread. 2 SCOTTISH bands that have released good albums in the 10’s though are Mogwai and The Twilight Sad.


A few names from my favourites list:

Lanterns on the Lake
Dutch Uncles
Iliketrains (admittedly stronger in the 00s, but still great in the 10s)
Epic45 (great over 3 decades but strongest in the 10s)
Piano Magic (another 3 decader but 10s remained strong).

Any takers?

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Virginia Wing
Vanishing Twin
Girl Ray
Hype Williams (pushing the definition of group here I know)

I realise these are all niche fan-base groups.

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Neither of the following released their debuts in the 2010s, but but were active throughout and released a bunch of good stuff (especially the former):

Rolo Tomassi
Blood Red Shoes

I guess you wouldn’t call Let’s Eat Grandma or Sleaford Mods “groups”?

Edit - just seen Sleaford Mods mentioned and I actually voted in the poll lol. Yes, they are definitely a great English group of the 2010s!


Loved the debut (and all the rest), shimmering reverb heavy 4AD throwback. Right up my alley. Much better than the dreary solo stuff…


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Well the remit wasn’t English bands that debuted in the 10s but rather that were active in that period. And also ‘great’.
Obvs people are going to have differing opinions on that, for example I think one of the bands you listed are actively bad, but it’s okay and not getting wound up about or calling people trolls imo.

I’m partial to a bit of Public Service Broadcasting. Gagarin is very catchy, and I really enjoy White Star Liner. :slight_smile: