Great escape fest 2024! 🤪

Not the greatest description for a band playing at 7.15pm


Not even trying anymore…


I was trying to look into this. There’s some potential grey mist about how involved Live Nation are in TGE from what I could tell. I think they might be the ticketing partner but may have a minor share in the event since Mama group sold to what seems to be a joint venture of Live Nation (this could be 5% or 90% of the business)

Rapino the Live Nation boss resigned as a director but I guess may still be a shareholder? Or potentially things like owning the offices they rent or something? Lots of ways a joint venture can work.

I didn’t have time to research it more for a piece I published yesterday and didn’t wanna risk legal issues or it becoming a distraction, so decided to focus on Barclays. Definitely something to look into with the upcoming events where their involvement is seemingly more direct.

Worth noting there’s a lot of data out there about Live Nation as a business and I’m thinking of doing a deep dive into their booming business whilst grassroots venues close and touring becomes unsustainable for many acts. Would love to clear my diary and do this sort of investigating.


there’s this too

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Quite a few names on the bill dropped out today

This link seems to suggest that the Barclays deal was at Live Nation level and spans multiple festivals:

Yeah I think I read that one yesterday too.

The complexity is how involved Live Nation are - if they essentially get a ticket allocation and give the event access to their audience database, flyers, etc in return. That’s different to them having a controlling stake in the event or major share of any profits. They may just cash flow it and in exchange can offer acts a run of shows, ensuring other promoters can’t work with them.

The lack of clarity from TGE really doesn’t help. They mostly just hide comments from people asking questions. Click where the arrow is to see hidden comments in their posts.

I really don’t know how they can not address at all that a quarter of the line up has dropped out. It’s just weird

I’m not sure how much the “subject to change” caveat ensures ticket holders can’t ask for a refund and I guess any running commentary from them could be used in consumer rights case as well as become a flashpoint for criticism as well as potential highlight the success of the boycott which could escalate more names getting involved.

May also be some odd corporate NDA or not a crisis comms strategy, just a social media person at an agency who’s removed from it all churning out content for the client.

With no transparency from TGE, we can only really speculate.

Zaho De Sagazan, Kaeto, and Cosmorat are the bands on my list who have pulled out over night. I have strange feelings of happiness/sadness when each are no longer playing!

Very curious to see that Kneecap are still playing - Chalk on Friday and Horatios on Saturday. You would have thought they would have been one of the first to pull out. I don’t know too much about them, but maybe their set(s) might be a big protest? I’m currently planning on seeing other bands at the same time so I won’t see, but who knows what the situation will be by tomorrow!

I feel bad for @The_Respected_User.

Every time I see this thread, I think that he’s sponsoring it too.


Oh, I am sponsoring it!


Cosmorat are meant to be playing at 6pm today. at the UnBarred brewery taproom. No idea if it’s still going ahead but it’s not a TGE show

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I’m still going to this but I doubt I’ll go next year (if it happens) The way the boycott has been handled just seems so disrespectful to bands and punters.
Appreciate there may be contractual reasons that prohibit responding, but no acknowledgment at all that the festival has been totally gutted is just taking the piss.

Thanks, it looks a bit too far north for my follow-up plans I think, but will see. Will be able to catch them again in London some time at least.

The Great Escape is run by Mama Festivals Ltd (formerly Mama & Company Ltd). According to the most recent available accounts (2022) there are two statements about ownership:


LN-Gaiety Holdings are the parent company of most Live Nation UK and Europe music operations, such as the O2 Academy venues, Festival Republic, The Warehouse Project in Manchester, the Isle Of Wight festival, etc.

According to the most recent accounts (from 2022) LN-Gaiety own 80% of Mama Festivals Ltd.
In the LN-Gaiety accounts there is a similar statement regarding who owns LN-Gaiety:

While Live Nation are not involved in the day to day running of The Great Escape, they are the controlling owner and receive any profits from the festivals Mama puts on (e.g. £2.4 million dividend in 2022).

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One thing I do have to give TGE credit for is that every time a band cancels then they’ve already removed their set from the app when I check - smooth operation!

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I think if you want to participate in/consume the music industry in 2024 in any capacity and not indirectly support Live Nation your options are local pub open mic nights or punk all-dayers in Kent.

Had my first turning up of a venue for an act that has cancelled, despite the 15 minute app alert saying she would be on stage.

Literally just had this with Rachael Lavelle, tempted to just stick to the alt escape as at least that’s probably running to schedule