Great escape fest 2024! 🤪

Yep, that’s who I tried to see. Have popped down to see Vanity Fairy at Jubilee Square instead.

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Off to the new eves at the alt escape, so hopefully that’ll be on!

Maluridé at Queen’s Hotel is my next imminent one. Thankfully reassuring to see them soundcheck!

anyone know other scabs stepping in as replacements? will try to remember to avoid mickey callisto and cassandra jenkins in the future :+1:


Oh fuck off. These are emerging artists trying to get seen by a decent proportion of the UK music industry. Yes, it’s a bit fucked. But to call them scabs is vile.

Out of interest, do you have a bank account? If so, with whom? If it’s HSBC, NatWest or even Monzo, I have bad news for you.

Pick the battles. TGE isn’t the right one. The only people losing out are the people who’ve bought tickets and the small venues who were relying on booze sales over this weekend. Headliners pulling out of FR / LN main events is the only way this will change.


yes, we can agree they want to get seen. a lot.
they wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for many others solidarity, going on strike to protest a genocide. textbook scabs- stomping on other peoples heads.

your whatabout other banks- there’s a bds organised boycott of barclays bank specifically.

is it over 100 acts pulled out of great escape?

arrogant to think you know better than them


It’s more than “a bit fucked” when it’s an event bankrolled by genocide funders. Those artists that have cancelled warned the The Great Escape that they’d be pulling out unless ties were severed with Barclays. TGE have made absolutely no comment on the matter at all - that’s arrogance. Artists choosing to replace bands who’ve cancelled over this will have known the consequences, surely. I don’t think calling them ‘scabs’ is vile, and in the grand scheme of thinfs their participation at TGE is unlikely to impact them negatively.

Many venues have stood in solidarity with the boycott and organised their own events, some fundraisers for Palestinian organisations. Others could have done the same.

It is a shame that attendees will have had their weekend potentially screwed up by the cancellations but I’m sure it’ll be a good weekend regardless. And of course, it’s a drop in the ocean compared to what’s happening in Gaza.


Still conflicting opinions about the event, but I still had a great day. Most of my artists were all from overseas, and it was the first shows in the UK for a few of them. Which is one of the best feelings knowing that TGE potentially helped with that. Shame that the festival’s behaviour of utter silence is tarnishing that. Feel bad for these overseas bands who have come over for this exciting opportunity and have arrived in the middle of this, although they all seemed fine yesterday. Short summary of what I saw:

Elinborg - Musician from the Faroe Islands, had two extra musicians with her. A bit synthy dark Eurovisiony, but I liked.
Oskar Haag - Dutch 18 year old. Fun and poppy on record, but stripped down and just okay live with an acoustic guitar. He seemed very happy to actually be playing in the UK for the first time.
(Rachael Lavelle) - She was my only artist to have cancelled when I turned up. I’ve now started checking the social media of artists before each gig! Shitty of TGE not notifying people (they didn’t even remove her set from the app silently this time), but I guess we’d end up getting a fair few embarrassing notifications if so.
Vanity Fairy - went to see her after Rachael’s cancellation. I’ve seen her two or three times as support previously, and she’s always good fun. I hadn’t planned on seeing her this time as I’ll no doubt see her again, but she was very glittery engaging pop.
Maluridé - Hungarian electronic dream-pop band, singing in English and Hungarian. Really loved their sound, and will likely see them again this morning.
Abby Sage - US artist. I quite liked a couple of her songs beforehand, and seemed decent enough sounds with her band, if all a bit too similar.
Mali Velasquez - From Nashville Tennessee, super short two minute acoustic songs with faint bleepy backing track. Was sweet enough.
Angelica Garcia - If she isn’t going to be my absolute favourite set of the weekend then I’m going to be amazed. Musician from LA, playing her first UK gig, along with another woman on drums and laptop sounds. Unfortunately there seemed to be technical issues beforehand and they started ten minutes late and only played for twenty minutes. But they were astounding in those twenty minutes - great stage presence and vocals, catchy and powerful beats, and the drums were great too. I’ve bought tickets for a Rough Trade mini set next week, and am disappointed I’ll miss her London gig in June. She’s doing a few other assorted gigs in June and July, and I cannot recommend enough going to see her.
Dilettante - Member of BC Camplight, along with her band. Art-pop with saxophone. Good catchy fun. The guitarist had Free Palestine stuck to her guitar, which was the only political statement of any kind from my artists today, until…
Mickey Callisto - Everyone’s favourite super scab! He was due on at Komedia Studio at 22:15, so we turned up early thinking it would be busy, but the artist beforehand was a cancellation so it was fairly empty. TGE asked him to start his set earlier, so he played a slightly longer set from 22:05. I had to get a drink early on in his set as I felt too sober. Seemed like a mix of Queen and Sean Nicholas Savage, although not as catchy as either. But he was so happy and enthusiastic, and 6/7* of his fan club were dancing and singing along very happily (* @jordan_229 was missing). I’ve no interest in listening to his recorded songs (again), but I had a good time, especially with Homospace. He did bring up the fact he was only invited to TGE last week, and the horrible situation in Gaza and the world, and offered his support/respect for the bands who had pulled out.
Enjoyable Listens - TGE (well, alt-escape) regulars for me. I didn’t quite manage to see them play earlier in the day, but saw them as our last set at 11pm. I think he must have been drinking throughout the day and evening, as he looked more than a bit tipsy. But somehow still performed and sung very well - great singalong and atmosphere with the small-ish crowd.

So a good day/evening, and luckily (for me) it wasn’t that disrupted on the day. I think today might have some more alt/alt-alt-escape gigs today, including some set up in support of Palestine, so that will feel a bit different from the business-as-usual-TGE I experienced yesterday.

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I think acts already booked that had made arrangements that would have been costly to cancel at the last minute (I know a band who played last night who traveled from Sweden day before yesterday to do TGE & a London gig who didn’t even know about the boycott until the day of travel) … well, that’s one thing. Protest from the stage maybe? Offset in another way? Pull out? - that’s individual choice and conscience

but jumping in to opportunistically cover for acts that have pulled out because of a boycott is scab action through & through. Can’t condone it at all


It’s a real toughy that’s for sure. I totally understand the perspective of bands choosing to pull out on moral grounds but my feeling is that these sorts of conflicts of interest are increasingly impossible to avoid in music or indeed life (Barclays still sponsor the prem- have we stopped watching football?). Surely there becomes a point where you basically have to down tools because nowhere is untainted? Is it not enough to come on, tell the crowd that you’re against funding of genocide and still play? I know everyone will have a different perspective (bands are artists and that will obviously impact their values). No right answers and all that. Coming in to play other bands spots is a trickier one still. I’m not sure I could do it but I understand that morally some might be able to square it away as being potentially key to their long term survival/success. Not a great look though.

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I should say, TGE not making any mention of it fucking sucks. Really crass.


Oh, the venue Revenge also pulled out of TGE yesterday, despite the financial implications for them. They said that the bands could still play there if they wanted (for free? not sure how that works), and inviting attendees to consider donating £3 to MAP.

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Think this is your answer :grimacing:

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oh dear.


They want England out of Ireland yet still sought UK govenrment money to go on tour!

Frustrated World Cup GIF


The lads absolutely shouldn’t be playing the Great Escape but this is not the gotcha you think it is


How so?

Are you for real? They’re from Belfast

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I am for real. I know who they are and where they are from. I just dont understand why based on their songs that they would have sought funding from the UK Government, Song titles make it quite clear what they think of UK Government. They are UK when it suits them for claiming cash. Obviously the cash they got for playing the special show in Brighton was more important than making a stand against genocide.
They are pathetic.