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That’s exactly the Tory line on them. Fair play for outing yourself.


I am definitely not a tory.

Whilst i respect the bands making a stand now, will thet also pull out of latitiude and Reading/leeds? IOW?

All coroporations are scum really. I dont see how you can have a music career without working with them

Because they live in (what is for now at least) the UK? Do you think only artists who agree with the government should apply for state funding?

Doubt some of the ones who are boycotting are invited to any of those.

I think that, that stand point is valid up to a point however, when you see a boycott happening about something that you have been outspoken about previously and then don’t say anything beyond what could be perceived as “money :money_mouth_face:” I think you are going to fall on your arse.

Should they refuse to get on a bus in Belfast because it’s provided by the UK?


The middle class line is tone deaf as fuck but in principle this is the same stance ive taken with every band in this position. Its far easier as an outsider looking in to demand boycotts than those who are trying to make living off the graft because by that notion every employee of a noycott worthy corp/company/etc should walk out of their jibs and forgo a living to go independent or find a moraly responsible employer

I get that being a centrist on anything isnt ‘cool’ these days but fuck it i empathise with everyones situation right now. It fucking sucks that all roads lead to morale bankruptcy in society these days its a nightmare to navigate but being mad at the bands and demanding things from them when most of them a scraping by themselves aint it

Turn your anger upward please


See that phrase there?

I’ve heard that phrase a lot in my time and it is usually gleefully spewing from the mouths of the most rampant loyalist/unionist/tory bigot taking immense pleasure in the marginalised and at risk members of the Irish/natuonalist/catholic people of the north of Ireland when they be so bold as to take the dole to stave off poverty while an actual fucking war (with British collusion mind you) going on.

Now, I’d like to think you were unaware but in future please think twice.
I’m Irish, the part of Ireland I live in is currently part of the UK. As such we should be able to avail of any benefits of that (meagre though they may be) like any other resident of the UK. Being treated as second class citizens has had its day.


They boycott when it suits them which of course you and the others attacking me must be aware of.
I am well aware of the history of Ireland so no need to lecture me on it either.
I think I need to go for a walk and listen to some marxman.

FWIW I think they should have boycotted. I’m not particularly invested in the music or career of Kneecap tbh
I think we know the comments made went further than a band and whether or not they played a show at a festival.

Not a lecture but clearly you don’t know enough or you do and you’re still ignorant/arrogant enough to set up a very loaded bad faith argument with your very specific wording. Cool.


“don’t back down, double down”


My comments were all directed at the band and did not go further than them.

Please reread my post.
I was giving you context and history for that particular phrase, then subsequently giving you a chance for the benefit of the doubt that wrapping up by stating of course we should be open to the opportunities of other members of the UK.

I never attacked you.
If anything I laid out some facts as an attempt to enlighten and explain why people might be upset.

And why shouldn’t they be able to go for a UK grant?

Its a personal choice.

I agree with them on this. But I’ll say something else about The Menstrual Cramps. They were once the support act at a show I attended and talked so loudly over the headliner’s set that she had to tell them to be quiet. They then mocked her through some of the rest of her set. For a band that are clearly on the side of “right”, that annoyed the heck out of me.

People with good politics can be assholes, and good people can have dodgy politics

Always gonna be the way


Am hearing of acts being threatened with being blacklisted by Live Nation (who have a lot of fingers in pies). I hope more big names and industry leaders speak up for those acts if this is true. Could be an even bigger reason for people to back the boycott at future events.

Not seen Brian Eno’s message mentioned here and from what I can tell the EarthPercent event with Jarvis was quietly pulled?


I’ve also been reliably informed that LN have threatened acts who were considering pulling out. Absolute bullies.

Highly recommend these if anyone wants some dark post punk for free with no great escape association

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