Great examples of JAGing outside of DiS


You getting tempted by the £1.60 house ales and the vegan curry pal? It’s worth it


I fuckin’ am, mate.

Could buy a street there for the price of a bedsit here as well…

I know two friends who’ve been tempted into moving there for the bucolic lifestyle and travel time to Manchester. Both were back within a year.

The Globe is definitely worth a visit though!

That’s it, isn’t it. Is it worth cutting your outgoings in half to move back to 1963?


My gf and I discussed buying a house in Glossop when we decided Hebden Bridge was too far out from Manc. Gonna cross that one off my list, thanks lads.

Prestwich, Whitefield, Flixton would be where i’d look if i needed to be within a short commute of Manchester but somewhere affordable and not full of professional Mancunians.

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HB is much, much nicer but also less affordable and will probably be under water in 100 years along with my inheritance

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There’s a fucking weird amount of Chorlton/Hebden Bridge crossover. Been a few times and always bump into someone i know.

what’s the ‘media city’ area like? I know very little about manchester, other than my uncle works in or near media city (commutes from oxton), and the time I visited old trafford with my youth football club.

he’s a bit of a chode to be honest. loads of wankers there?

Well, it’s Salford really, but it’s essentially a new-build area, loads of yuppy regeneration around the old docks area - shoebox apartments, bars full of people who work in sales and TV, cheap hotels, really fucking windy. Handy if you work there and are a BUY LOW, SELL HIGH, THREE HOURS SLEEP type, but not really nice in any way.

There is a Booths, mind.

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he’s a perpetual wearer of polo shirts and a season ticket holder at anfield, so imagine he fits right in.

sounds like docklands in London from your description tbh. (also fucking windy for some reason).

also, looked at the booths map, and there’s no booths on merseyside (the only place up north I have a connection with) :frowning:

remember there being tonnes of Safeways there. Haven’t seen a safeway in years.

Morrisons bought them out, i think.

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good riddance.

A wonderful feelgood aura.

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Hard Work music

Skinny Puppy/Flogging Molly crossover