Great Feb on the boards, lads...

Felt properly friendly and that.

Looking forward to March.

(raises amaretto and strawberryade from office balcony).




Don’t want to disagree with a nice thread like this but feels like we’ve had more arguments and falling outs this month. I know where I need to improve for march anyway :slight_smile:

Just got to all pull together for one more month and we’ll be able to say goodbye to tax year 2018/19 on a high.

I’m just pleased there’s no impending doomsday scenarios to think about next month. :+1:

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I’ve been away for nearly half of it. Was thinking of giving something up for Lent so this tallies well :+1:

Giving up February for Lent? Solid choice.


We’ve got the blitz spirit.

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Remember when smee wanted to lock all the new users up?