Great lengthy tunes from the 80s

The Cure’s Mixed Up was my introduction to them - I think the remix of Lullaby was getting a bit of radio time. Still love those versions (not that this is one of them).

The Smashing Pumpkins - “Nothing and Everything”
(Get ready for some amazing solos)

Soundgarden - “Hands All Over”

Sonic Youth - “Cross the Breeze”

U2 - “Bad”

Metallica - “Master of Puppets”


Kiss Me, Kiss me, Kiss me gets a lot of bad rap from some quarters but the chutzpah of have 3 minute intros to several songs before the singing starts can only be admired, great stuff

As I scrolled down I was thinking Two Tribes would be a good one:


But in terms of non-extended mix songs, how about these rippers by the Church:

And for a bit of gothy gothness:


And who could forget:

Could have added a dozen or more Cure songs, plus a few New Order, plus How Soon Is Now? though I figure these (and the ones I’ve already posted are not what you’re looking for.

How about some Simple Minds instead:


Defo going to start my semi-annual Simple Minds binge tomorrow now.

Ah, How Soon Is Now, a Smiths track for people who don’t really like the Smiths!

I still really like Real Life…

easily their best song (I don’t really like the Smiths*)

*Well, I don’t adore them. They’re alright. I rate Hatful of Hollow and Rank over any of the albums proper.

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Someone playlist this

I would but I’m not on spotify…

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