Great Marketing ideas

Yesterday I was sat with a load of marketing people and they were saying they were worried about their applications from EU people being down cos of BREXIT and I thought a great new twitter campaign (that they love) could be


Which written down actually looks quite unclear, but basically it is saying “we still love YOU” but the you, guys, is EU, like the EU!!11. They would bloody love that.

Please list your great ideas below!

it missed off the hashtag, how do you a fucking hashtag on this fucking site ##########

that was a hashtag I’m afraid.

sorry (on behalf of @sean and @1101010)

West I’ll love e, u?



Packs of 12 gold stars, so when we get our ruddy bloody new passports in the CORRECT, British blue colour, we can turn the back into an EU flag.

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I only just discovered you can buy lights that pretend to be TVs

Gruff Rhys got there way ahead of you

edit - fucking Discuss can’t even embed youtube links properly any more. He wrote a song called I love EU

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#idiot dickhead

Em Bed With Theo

Theo discusses overcoming technical difficulties whilst lying on a four-poster bed. Pretty sure he still gets em wrong.