Great mixtape transitions


‘Last Days of Disco’ by Yo La Tengo into ‘Love is Overtaking Me’ by Arthur Russell. perfect two-hit combo.



Queen of hearts by fucked up into sweat descends by les savy fav


Yer man Bon Iver’s Lump Sum into Laura Veirs’s Secret Someones. Perfect.


i like when i’m making DiS mixes and i’m mucking about with the order and i stumble across the fact that 2 songs transition brilliantly, cos they’re in the same key or something.

can’t remember any now though


Ought’s ‘Take Everything’ into Radiohead’s ‘4 Minute Warning’ with a 10 second cross-fade. Try it on Spotify right now it’s magic.


‘What You Want’ by MBV into track 20 (I think) on SAW II.

the dreamy end to the former with all the kind of flute sounds goes quite nicely into the even dreamier vaguely flute-sounding synths of the latter.


checking my 2017 mix again, the transition i really liked was King Gizzard - Nuclear Fusion into Run the Jewels - Talk to Me.


i do often like to trim off the silence at the end of a track for an immediate transition when i’m making mixes


Always liked “Heroes” - White Light / White Heat - The Passenger.