Great new compilations

I love a good compilation.

Can we have a rolling thread about good new ones?

I’ll start with this one:

Soul Jazz Records are great - like having a really cool friend who makes you the best mixtapes ever. This one is a collection of black British music that you might have heard played by a sound system between the Seventies and the mid-noughties. It’s massively varied - jazz, funk, soul, roots reggae, lovers rock, hip hop, jungle, dubstep- and really well put together. Not sequenced chronologically so you are constantly surprised by what comes next. These are genres I love and thought I was pretty well versed in but nearly all of it is new to me and 100% ace from start to finish.

Highly recommended.


Soul Jazz have some great stuff. Particularly like the New Orleans Funk compilations. Not new but my personal fave is volume 3

You should also check out Tompkins Square. They have some really good old timey folk and gospel. Like this from 2019…

Most of their comps aren’t available to stream though.

Yeah, I’m a fan


J-jazz comps on BBE just got reissued… anyone with a passing interest in great jazz should check them out

Also this one of south American surf music that came out at the end of last year is absolutely amazing

And yeah every single analog Africa comp they are all brilliant

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Amazing collection!! The recent Havana ones are outstanding and the punk series they did…

The absolute best ones (imo) are tropicalia which opened my ears to so much… still play it all the time and Deutsche Elektronische Musik series

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Hard to pick a favourite. I couldn’t fit all of mine in one picture (and I’ve got some on vinyl as well).

I love the Tropicalia one too, and the other Brazilian ones, also the two Strata East ones, the two volumes of Dancehall, Nu Yorica, Country Soul Sisters, and of course all the Studio One comps. Great label.

The new one is right up there with the very best they’ve ever done too.

In other comp news two of my favorite from last year being reissued

Club Coco is pulled together by a dj from worldwide fm, Coco María, it’s latin beat south American tunes… she has excellent taste and there are some great sounds

The Spanish one is more strange European electro (ambient is a very loosely used here)

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A bunch for me to check out! Only one I have ever struggled with was the synth punk one from last year, I need to go back to it but found it really jarring at the time and focused on the Havana stuff instead

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This one?

I wasn’t that blown away by it either. The archival ones are generally better.

This is maybe 18 months old but there was a bit of a lag in it reaching streaming platforms after a limited RSD release soooo…….

Enjoyed it immensely


Yeah I bought that when it came out - really good and interesting.

This is from last year but I didn’t mention it in the end of year lists.

Amazing collection of Italian horror themes but what’s special about this is not just the tracks but the sequencing, which is just perfectly done.

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Sounds great - just ordered a copy.

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Hope you like it otherwise I’ll feel guilty!

I held off buying it as it was initially a silly price but I think that was just for the colour vinyl, black vinyl just ended up being normal price.

Got it on CD (as I tend to prefer to compilations)

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This came out last week but just listened today and I think it’s excellent. Basically for anyone into experimental electronics.


Not new but noticed this has just been reissued.


Posted this on the vinyl thread but bunch of comps for me today, including a recommendation from this thread…


I bought the Italian one on @zanimos recommendation too -it’s great.

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This week’s comp… sleazy french garage pop… sounds awesome so far…

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